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Make sure that your little man has a birthday bash to remember with our superb selection of boy's party favours to choose from. We have a wide choice of fun toys and awesome treats that boys of all ages are sure to love. Add to loot bags, use as prizes for your party games, or as rewards and prizes. With such a wide choice available, plus our guaranteed low prices across the selection, shop boys party favours at Spotlight.

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The Ultimate Checklist For A Little Boy's Birthday Party

There is a lot more to a little boy's birthday party than first meets the eye. Creating the guestlist, choosing a venue, and other little details you need to take care of can make the entire process complicated. To ensure you have everything covered for your son's birthday party, here is an easy-to-follow guide.

What Party Favours Do I Give For A Little Boy's Birthday Party?

You will find plenty of suitable party favours on this page at Spotlight. We provide bubble favours, tattoos, stickers, patches, masks and a bunch of other cool stuff birthday party guests will love.

Evidently, the party favours you choose need to match the theme of the party. Fortunately, we have countless themes to choose from, this includes Star Wars, Sesame Street, Finding Dory, Disney's Cars, Dinosaurs, Thomas & Friends, Mickey Mouse, and so much more. So, there is something suitable for every theme and every age.

What Is The Best Venue For A Little Boy's Birthday Party?

There are certainly lots of options for a little boy's birthday party, so your final choice will be subject to the budget you have available to you. Popular choices for a little boy's birthday party are an amusement park, zoo, arcade, bowling alley, park, or an indoor play facility.

If your budget is extremely limited, but you do have sufficient room in your back garden, you can always hold the birthday party at your home. Do take some additional things into consideration, this includes locking some doors of rooms you do not want the little guests entering.

What Entertainment Is Suitable For My Little Boy's Birthday?

Much like the choice of venues, there are many options for entertainment as well. And like the venues, the choice of entertainment will depend heavily on the budget that is available to you.

One of the most popular choices in terms of entertainment is a swimming party. You can easily get some affordable packages for a swimming party at the local pool or at an indoor recreation facility. Another popular choice is a bouncy castle, but you do need sufficient outdoor or indoor space at the venue in question.

If you do not want to worry to much about the entertainment, you can also hire some entertainment, this includes a magician, a clown, face painter, or other popular entertainers. There are also companies that take care of the entertainment from A to Z, so this is an option if you do not want to worry about the finer details.

How Do I Make My Invitations?

You can create the invitations yourself on the computer, but the easiest way is to purchase one of the premade invitations from Spotlight. The only thing you have to do is write the information on the invitations and have your child distribute them.

What Foods Should Be Served At A Little Boy's Birthday Party?

It is quite easy to go overboard with party foods and even catering for a little boy's party. However, keeping things plain and simple is often the best way to go.

One popular option for children's birthday parties is a selection of mini pizzas. When choosing the toppings for these pizzas, it is recommended to go for the most popular options, this includes pepperoni, ham, and mozzarella.

If you are trying to keep things healthy, you can create some fruit popsicles too. Simply grab some child-safe skewers and add fruits such as kiwi, strawberries, pineapple, oranges, and other popular fruits.

Another option for the food at a child's birthday party is a selection of sandwiches. You can keep things simple with some ham and cheese or choose some of the most popular sandwich fillers. Tortillas and dips are also a great choice, although it can get a little messy when the children are quite young.

If you do not want to buy a massive cake for your child's birthday party, you can keep things simple with a decorated selection of cupcakes. These are especially popular for younger children, as accidents with larger cakes are quite common. Also, cupcakes give a controlled sugar rush, opposed to a massive cake that can make the kids uncontrollable.



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