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It is what is inside a gift that counts, yet beautiful gift wrapping can help to make sure that your present is presented perfectly. With delicate tissue paper in a wide assortment of bright colours and beautiful tones alongside clear or metallic cellophane foils, bags and wraps, your gift will certainly make the right impression with this selection. Shop the range now for top quality tissue and cello wrap at our unbelievably low prices!

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How To Wrap A Gift Basket With Cello Wrap

Cello wrap is one of the most popular materials to use for gift basket wrapping. Most cello wraps are transparent, while others are embellished with some illustrations or have an even colour. Evidently, the type of cello wrap you obtain will determine the look of your gift basket.

If you have never used cello wrap for gift basket wrapping before, be sure to check out our useful guide below. You will be packing gift bags in no time at all!

Why Is It Important To Arrange The Items In The Gift Basket Before Using Cello Wrap?

Since most cello wrap is transparent, the way you distribute the items inside your gift basket is extremely important. You want to make sure all the items are distributed evenly, this way your recipient gets an immediate overview of all the goodies inside.

Naturally, some items are taller than others. It is usually best to arrange items by size. For example, place the taller items on one side of the gift basket and then put the smaller items in front. You should also use some filler material, which will keep the items safe, but also to make the presentation even better.

How Do I Fill The Gift Basket With Filler Material?

Once you have arranged the biggest items in the back and the smallest in the front, it is time to fill your basket with some filler. Please note, if you do not like this method of item arrangement, you can also put the biggest items in the middle and put the smallest ones around them.

Take your filler material and put it between any gaps between the items. Make sure that no filler ends up on top of the items, as this will hide the items and make your gift basket look less professional.

To ensure a more even spread, you can add some filler material to the gift basket before you add the items to it. You should only apply a small layer of filler though. Applying too much filler could make it more difficult to get all your items arranged properly. So, only use a small amount and use the rest to fill up any gaps.

There are various filler materials you could use for your gift baskets, this goes from coloured tissue paper to shredded paper and straw. However, if you do not want to mess around with filler too much, then you can purchase some filler material from our catalogue too.

What Are The Steps To Apply The Cello Wrap Around The Gift Basket?

Below, we have described the various steps you will need to take to wrap your gift basket in cello wrap. Be sure to follow the steps if you are using cello wrap for the first time.

Check the size - Before you start putting the cello wrap around the gift basket, always make sure that you have the right size wrap on hand. Some types of cello wrap come directly of the roll, while others come in a pre-fixed size. The last thing you need is cello wrap that is too big or too small, so check the size beforehand.

Put the basket on the wrap - Lay your cello wrap out on the table or on the floor, depending where you are most comfortable working. Then, place the gift basket in the middle of the cello wrap. The cello wrap should touch the bottom of the gift basket.

Pull the edges together - When the gift basket is positioned correctly in the middle of the cello wrap, you can start collecting all the edges. Pull the edges of the warp together and make it come approximately 10 centimetres above the highest item in the gift basket. Before you move onto the next step, make sure the edges stay together by using a rubber band or an elastic band. If none of these are available, you can also use a piece of tape.

Fasten with a nice bow - Pick a nice ribbon from the Spotlight collection and use it to fasten your cello wrap in place. We have various ribbons you can use to create a bow, this enables you to customer the colours and the design based on your requirements.



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