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Organza bags are certainly one of the prettiest ways to present party favours and small gifts, and we have a wide selection of beautiful bags to choose from in a variety of colours and sizes. This delicate range could be used for so many different purposes, and you are sure to find the organza bag for your needs in this selection. Shop our delightful organza bags online or at your local Spotlight store for great value deals across the collection.

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Make Gift Presentation Easier With Our Organza Bags

At Spotlight, you can find many ways to make gift wrapping and gift presentation easier. In our range, you will find a great collection of organza bags in different colours, designs, and sizes. So, if you are not the greatest at gift wrapping, you can benefit from this collection to make your experience just a little easier.

Customers can also count on Spotlight for some additional tips on how to wrap presents or present them in the best way. So, if you are looking for some tips, be sure to check out the information below.

What Kind Of Wrapping Paper Should I Choose For My Present?

In theory, you could use all kinds of wrapping paper to wrap your presents. Of course, some types of wrapping paper can be more difficult to work with. For example, paper that is too thick can make your present look bulky and unprofessional. On the other hand, paper that is too thin can be transparent or rip quite easily. Therefore, always go for a paper of medium thickness.

Naturally, you do not have to choose traditional wrapping paper all the time. For example, if you do not have the budget to purchase wrapping paper, you could use old newspaper or some Kraft paper you have laying around at home.

What Is The Benefit Of Using Double-Sided Tape?

Most people start wrapping their presents with basic scotch tape. While there is nothing wrong with that, you can enjoy a lot of benefits by using double-sided tape as well. First of all, double-sided tape can be ripped by hand, which means you do not have to mess around with a pair of scissors. Double-sided tape can also be kept hidden, providing you with a cleaner and more streamlined-looking present.

Do I Always Have To Use Gift Ribbon?

There are some times of the year where you might use ribbon on a regular basis. One of those times is Christmas, which is characterised by the typical presents with a lovely bow. Of course, doing all your presents under the Christmas tree this way can be quite the arduous task. Therefore, you could limit the use of the bow to two or three presents under your Christmas tree. These will stand out from all the rest and still create the effect you are after.

How Do I Cut The Wrapping Paper Perfectly?

Cutting your wrapping paper is best done in a straight line. If you are not used to cutting wrapping paper, then it could be beneficial to measure the size of your wrapping paper and then fold it in a straight line, where you can cut.

When you are using an intricate wrapping pattern, you will have to follow the cutting guide that comes with your pattern. The cutting guide will make sure that you have a straight line.

What Do I Do With Presents That Have An Odd Shape?

It is not impossible to wrap a present with an unusual shape. Of course, if you are not that experienced with wrapping presents, it may be better to use an easier method, this may include putting the items in a gift bag or one of the organza bags on this page.

What Is The Best Place To Wrap Presents?

Ideally, you want to wrap your presents standing. We recommend a high table or a high workbench. If this is not available, you can always wrap presents on a desk or a kitchen table. However, make sure that the table is completely clear before you get started.

Which Tools Do I Need To Wrap Presents?

The tools you need for gift wrapping you usually have in your home already. You will need some medium gift wrap, a pair of scissors, scotch tape or double-sided tape, and some ribbon. If you have an oddly shaped present, you could also obtain some gift boxes, gift bags, or organza bags instead.

Before you start the wrapping process, always make sure that you have measured the wrapping paper accurately. You do not want your wrapping paper to be too big or too small. You should have enough for just a little overlap, nothing more or less.



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