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Present presents perfectly and make any gift special with our selection of gift bags and boxes at Spotlight. Make sure that your gift looks amazing but save the effort of wrapping with bags and boxes in a huge range of sizes, colours and styles. As well as gift-giving, they would be ideal for a party, favours, loot bags, bomboniere or just for storage. Discover our wide assortment of gift bags and boxes at Spotlight now.

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How To Select The Best Gift Bags And Boxes For The Perfect Present?

Choosing the right gift bag or gift box is important. After all, the wrong option can have a devastating effect on the look of your present. To get some top tips from the Spotlight team, be sure to read on.

What Size Should My Gift Boxes Or Gift Bags Be?

A common mistake by beginners is choosing the wrong size of gift box or gift bag. It is always tempting to choose the largest option. After all, that way you are sure that everything will fit properly. However, choosing a gift box or gift bag that is too large is actually not a good idea.

When a gift box or a gift bag is too big for your needs, it makes the presents inside look somewhat underwhelming. Since you do not want your guests to be disappointed once the open your present, it is best to choose a gift box or bag in which the presents fit snugly.

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing Gift Bags Or Boxes?

If you ever experienced gift wrapping presents for friends and family during the holiday season, you undoubtedly appreciate the main benefit of choosing gift bags and boxes over gift wrap. After all, a gift bag or a box saves you a tremendous amount of time and hassle. It is also environmentally friendly, as you can get these boxes and bags in recycled materials and you can reuse them to boot!

Can I Still Use Gift Wrap When I Use Gift Bags And Boxes?

When you use a gift box, you do not really need to use gift wrap. However, if you use a gift bag, you can easily use some gift wrap as well. For example, you can wrap all the presents inside the gift bag individually, adding to the surprise.

Gift wrapping is an art on its own. If you still want to use gift wrap in addition to one of our gift bags, be sure to check out some of our top tips.

Make sure your paper is the right size - The gift wrap you use must be of the right size to get a streamlined and elegant present. Fortunately, you can easily estimate the perfect size. Simply roll a little bit of wrapping paper out and measure until the gift wrap goes all around the present with just a little bit extra.

Tape the inside of the paper - To get the most elegant look for your present, it is a good idea to tape the inside of the wrapping paper to an inconspicuous spot on the present. While this is not always recommended to protect the present itself, this method does help to pull the paper taut and help it fit perfectly around the present you have chosen.

Pay special attention to the edges - No matter how tight you can get the wrapping paper around the present, your edges need to look perfect too. If they don't, they can influence the overall look of your present in a bad way.

Fortunately, it is relatively easy to address the edges of a present. Grab the edges of the paper and then fold them neatly. Folding the edges will also hide the cutting marks on the paper. In short, it gives you an overall cleaner appearance.

Choose quality paper - Some types of wrapping paper do not respond well to folding, leaving visible marks on the surface. Because of this, it is important to choose high-quality wrapping paper. Ideally, you want a medium paper. Paper that is too thin is more likely to show marks or even show the present through the paper. On the other hand, paper that is too thick can make your present look bulky and unattractive.

Keep tape hidden - By placing your tape strategically, you can keep the tape hidden and make your present look even more streamlined. The best way to keep tape hidden is by using double-sided tape, which can be kept hidden.

Please note that double-sided tape will not adhere to all kinds of wrapping paper. Once again, this is why it is so important to pay extra attention to the type of wrapping paper you buy. Fortunately, you will find plenty of quality options at Spotlight.



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