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Add extra flair to your gift and make sure that your present has that ideal finishing flourish with our fabulous selection of curling and raffia ribbon at Spotlight. Perfect for adding to gifts or balloon bouquets, decorating your party, or adding a cute touch to party favours, our selection of curling and raffia ribbon is sure to delight. Shop the selection now for our guaranteed low prices across the range.

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How To Tie The Perfect Ribbon For A Present

There are many special occasions where you would need to wrap a present and decorate it with a ribbon. At Spotlight, you can find a large selection of curling and raffia ribbon, which you can use to make your presents look even better. Of course, if you need more information about how to tie your ribbon and make your presents look spectacular, be sure to read on.

What Is The Easiest Way To Tie A Ribbon Around A Present?

Once you have covered your present with some gift wrap, you can start tying your ribbon. First, take a long piece of ribbon and make sure it fits snugly around the present with a little extra to spare. It is best to take the measurement before you cut the ribbon.

When you have cut the ribbon, make sure the entire ribbon is pulled over the present. You should also make sure that the ribbon sits in the middle, this means that one end of the ribbon must be of the same length as the other end of the ribbon.

Once you are happy that the ribbon sits in the middle of the present, cross the ribbon as you would cross your laces. Pull the ribbon as tight as you can and then fold the ribbon over the present again, this should give you a cross shape over the present.

The cross should end up on the top of your present. Tie a knot in the middle of the present and keep the knot in place with your finger. If it is too hard to keep the ribbon in place, you can also have someone put their finger on the ribbon. Put another knot in place before you start to create a bow.

When you tie the bow, always make sure that it is done tightly. Otherwise, the ribbon may become loose before you can gift it to your recipient. Your bow should also appear fluffy and big in relation to the present, this is why it is important to choose quality ribbon from Spotlight to create your bow.

What Additional Tips Should I Think About When Working With Ribbon?

There are some additional tips you can implement to get the most from your ribbon-making efforts. If you could use some extra tips to make your ribbons look better, be sure to check out some of the tips from the Spotlight team below.

Consider the length of the ribbon carefully - The length of your ribbon will determine how look your bow will look on the present. The ribbon you use for your present should never be too long or too short. Ideally, your ribbon should have no more than 5 extra centimetres on each side. Remember, the larger your ribbon, the more difficult it will be to work with.

Use angled cuts - There are some simple tricks you can use to make your ribbon look more elegant. One of the ways is to cut your ribbon at an angle, which makes the ribbon look more prestigious. You can also fold the ends of your ribbon, which makes it look a lot more professional.

Avoid creases and twists - When you have a large collection of ribbons, it is not unusual for a twist and a crease to appear. Of course, you do not want this to affect the look of your present. So, make sure there are no twists or creases when you cut the ribbon.

Do not overdo it - Even though big ribbons can look spectacular on presents, choosing the largest option is not always best. In fact, bigger ribbons are more susceptible to damage, as there are more places for the bow to be caught. So, if you do use a big bow on your present, make sure you put the present in a safe place.

Get some practice - If you have never tied a bow before, it is best to get some practice before applying a bow to the present. Your first bow will not be perfect, so it might be a good idea to get one of our cheapest ribbons to practice with. Once you become more proficient, you can get a more expensive ribbon from the collection.



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