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Whatever the occasion, throw the perfect party with our awesome selection of party essentials at Spotlight. This enormous range includes everything that you could possibly need, with cards, invitations, decorations, ribbons, tableware and more. Whether you are throwing a themed party for a child or a more formal celebration for a loved one, shop our party essentials selection now for great value deals across the range.

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What Are The Essential Supplies For Parties?

Organising a party can be more complicated than you think, especially because you need those much-important essential supplies. Fortunately, you can always count on Spotlight's affordable range of essential party supplies and expert tips to see you through. So, what are some of the things you cannot forget about when you organise your next party?

Which Invitations Do I Choose?

When you organise a party, you really cannot forget about your invitations. Depending on the party you are organising, the invitations can be different. If you are organising something casual, you can send your invitations online, this saves paper and the cost of stamps! However, if you are organising a children's party, a wedding, or an anniversary, paper invitations are usually better.

What Essentials Do My Guests Need?

Since your guests are likely to drink and eat something at a party, you must obtain some supplies to cater for that. Evidently, the budget you have for a party will greatly influence the type of cutlery and glasses you will use. Your guests can also have an influence, as genuine glasses are not recommended for children, who are more likely to break them.

For children's parties, it is recommended to choose plastic cups and plates. Even if an accident does happen, you do not have to worry about children injuring themselves on glass or sharp porcelain. Plastic cups and plates also work for casual adult parties. So, if you do not want to invest too much, then these will do just fine.

Of course, there are some occasions where paper cups and plates might not be the best thing, this is usually the case for fancy weddings, engagement parties, or anniversaries. In these cases, it is always best to choose proper glasses and plates. You should also choose proper cutlery, as there is nothing elegant eating your food from a plate with plastic cutlery.

When you choose plastic cutlery for children's parties, always make sure that the plastic is not too brittle. If the plastic is easily broken or snapped, children may still injure themselves. If the party involves young children, always make sure to choose the thicker plastics that are more difficult to break.

What Are Important Decorations For Parties?

There are many decorations you can add to your party. These can all have different shapes, sizes, and styles, so how do you begin to choose your decorations? Below, we have created an overview of decorations you could consider, as well as some additional recommendations for certain events.

Balloons - This is one of the most important decorations for many different settings. They are used at birthday parties, but also weddings and anniversaries.

The only thing to consider when you choose balloons for a party is their colour. Bold colours are most suitable for birthdays, while elegant colours such as creme, white, and royal purple are great wedding colours. For baby showers, you can choose a combination of white, pink, and blue.

Table centrepieces - Every table at a party should have a centrepiece, this does not solely apply to elegant parties such as weddings, but also birthday parties. Naturally, the type of centrepiece you will use for a children's birthday party will be considerably different than that for a wedding.

Signs - If your guests are not familiar with the venue, some signage may be a consideration, this especially applies to venues that are a little out of the way. Put a sign near the front of the venue and point guests in the right direction. If you have an especially large venue, be sure to put signs up for toilets and smoking areas.

Party accessories - For casual parties and children's birthday parties, it can be fun to have some simple party accessories. You can put these in a favour bag and give them to your guests at the beginning of a party. You can include some fun party hats, confetti, and other fun things to get everyone in the party mood.

Tablecloths - No matter which party you are having, always make sure you have the tables covered with appropriate tablecloths. In this instance, the same colour rules apply as mentioned with the balloons earlier. Use elegant colours for weddings and anniversaries, and bolder options for birthday parties.



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