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How To Decorate Party Tables

No matter what kind of party you are organising, it is essential to decorate your tables well. Contrary to popular belief, decorating tables does not have to cost a lot of money. A few well-placed centrepieces and some affordable tablecloths will do the job brilliants. Now, let us look at how you best decorate a table for an event or party.

How Should I Place My Party Tables?

Before you can start decorating, you need to place your party tables in the appropriate way. For correct placement, there are several things you need to consider.

Firstly, make sure your guests can easily take a seat for their meal. While it may be tempting to put as many chairs around a single table as possible, too many seats can become a serious hindrance.

The placement of your table in general is also important. Make sure each of the chairs can be pulled back sufficiently, so your guests can easily take a seat or leave from their seat at any time.

As for the choice of table, there are countless options you could consider. Still, you should not worry too much about the look of your table, as you will cover it in a tablecloth and some decorations anyway. If your table is sturdy, it is good enough for your guests.

What Lighting Should I Use On My Party Table?

You can use a combination of lights for a party table. For example, making full use of overhead lighting is recommended. Overhead lighting brings energy in the room, ensuring your guests do not feel overly tired. However, you can still use some well-placed candles to add some ambience around your tables.

While overhead lighting is brilliant, make sure it is not too bright either. Overhead lighting that is too bright can make your table look less inviting, no matter how well you have decorated it.

Which Tablecloth Is Best To Decorate A Table?

That depends on the occasion. You have many different choices when it comes down to choosing a fabric. In fact, the material you choose can create a very distinctive ambience, so this is something you can use to your advantage.

When you are having a casual dinner or birthday party, cotton tablecloths tend to be a great choice. Not only are they durable, they do not hold onto odours and fit a wide variety of special occasions. They are also easy to maintain.

If cotton tablecloths are just outside of your budget, you could consider polyester tablecloths too. Polyester is a little more affordable and is also suitable for a variety of special occasions.

For formal events, you can choose for materials such as lace and satin. These materials look quite formal and add a touch of elegance to your table. However, they are somewhat pricier than their cotton and polyester equivalents.

In addition to the material, you will have to select the colour of your tablecloth too. Remember that the colour of your tablecloth must match the occasion as well as the theme you have chosen for the event.

What Centrepieces Work Best For Parties?

Nowadays, you can obtain a wide range of premade centrepieces for a special occasion. If you are organising a gathering or an event, this can save quite a bit of time. But what are some of the golden rules to think about when selecting your centrepieces?

First, always make sure your centrepiece matches the theme of an event. For example, there is little point in choosing an autumn-themed centrepiece when your party takes place in the summer. Of course, the autumn centrepiece would work brilliantly for Halloween.

In addition to the centrepiece theme, you should consider the size of your centrepiece too. Eccentric and large centrepieces are rarely used, unless you are dining with royalty. The problem with big centrepieces is that most people's tables are not big enough, and a large centrepiece can block the view of guests. So, make sure that the centrepiece stays far beneath eye level.

When you want to add a bit more warmth to your tables with the right centrepiece, remember that using nature can work to your advantage. Natural products such as pinecones, flowers and fruits work well to add some warmth to any table!

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