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Choose The Right Confetti For Your Party With Our Guide

Confetti has been around for a very long time, so choosing some confetti for a party may seem like a straightforward choice. However, once you start thinking about your event and the type of party you are having, you may find that the choice of confetti is not that straightforward. If you need some help finding the right confetti, why not take advantage of our convenient guide to confetti.

When Should Metal Confetti Be Used?

Metal confetti stands out considerably from the traditional paper confetti, as it has quite the shiny surface. Of course, there are some similarities with paper confetti too, as they also come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Because of the various designs metal confetti can have, you will find that they are suitable for most events. For example, you can get this kind of confetti in a heart shape, making it suitable for anniversaries or weddings. You can also find some birthday-themed metallic confetti. In other words, when you are in doubt, metal confetti could be the recommended choice.

There are a bunch of things that can be done with metal confetti aside from just throwing it. In fact, you will find that metal confetti can put a lovely detail on your tables. You could even use it to decorate your invitations and make them extra special.

While metal confetti can have loads of applications, we would not use it for outdoor events. The metallic nature of this product can reflect light, which may be difficult on the eyes for your guests. In addition to that, this kind of product needs to be hoovered up, something you cannot do in the outdoors.

When Should I Use Traditional Paper Confetti?

Many people prefer to use paper confetti, even though it has been around for a very long time. Still, some people find the traditional choice the better option. As such, paper confetti is often used as a traditional wedding confetti.

One of the major benefits of paper confetti is that you can obtain it in beautiful pastel colours, which make it unbelievably suitable for weddings. It is also the most affordable type of confetti, which is good news for anyone who is on a budget for their party.

We must mention that paper confetti is also available in various shapes and sizes, much like the metallic equivalents. Unfortunately, paper does not hold its shape as well as other materials. Therefore, it can be difficult to really see the shapes of the confetti and it can therefore lose its effect.

When Should I Use Flower Petals?

Flower petals are popular these days, as they are a more natural form of confetti and do not need to be cleaned up as they are biodegradable. Of course, it is not enough to simply collect some flower petals yourself before the event, as these petals will need a special treatment.

Even though flower petals can be used as confetti, they are mostly used to decorate tables. This is also the reason why flower petals need a special treatment before they are used, this ensures the petals keep looking fresh until your guests arrive.

Some people may worry about using real flower petals for their event, since they can show signs of wilting if they did not get the proper treatment. Fortunately, there is an alternative in the form of fabric flower petals.

Fabric flower petals come with loads of benefits. They resemble genuine flower petals and you don't have to worry about the petals looking less fresh when your guests arrive. They don't tear easily either, which is a problem that often occurs with genuine petals. Of course, if you are looking to throw petals outside, then the biodegradable real petals could still be the better choice.

Are There Certain Types Of Confetti I Should Avoid?

The only real type of confetti you should avoid is rice. While rice has been traditionally used at weddings, research has shown that throwing rice could kill birds who eat it. Therefore, it is much better to use biodegradable petals or other types of confetti.

When you use metallic confetti or paper confetti, make sure to check with your venue regarding the clean-up. Not all venues are on board with confetti, so make sure you have permission before you use it at the party.

Confetti You Can Obtain At Spotlight

Spotlight has a bunch of confetti types to offer you. We provide paper shreds, mini stars confetti, polyester flower petals, foil shreds, birthday-themed confetti and a bunch more. So, no matter what kind of confetti you are after, you are bound to find it in the expansive collection at Spotlight.

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