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How To Decorate A Party On A Tight Budget?

Organising a party can be a serious investment, so many people often want to save on decorating costs. So, how do you decorate a party beautifully without spending too much money? By taking advantage of the affordable decorations at Spotlight of course. You can also take advantage of our cost-saving tips below.

How To Use Your Existing Decor For Decorating Purposes?

Your existing decor can function easily as the decor for your party. If you have a relatively clean and traditional environment, all you need to do is set a beautiful table and put a centrepiece with flowers in the middle. You can also use natural wicker baskets with some bread and crackers.

If you are having a wine and cheese evening with your closest friends, you do not necessarily need to use an expensive bouquet of flowers in the middle of your table. If you live rather rural, simply pick some wildflowers and place them in the centre of the table to draw the attention. You should also leave a good bottle of wine on the table, which also impresses guests as soon as they walk through the door.

Do Party Decorations Always Need To Be Colourful?

Less is often more these days, so you do not have to go out to get the most colourful decorations to decorate your party. Instead, you can choose a monochromatic theme, this is a theme where you focus on the use of a simple colour.

The colour must always match the occasion, however, this means you cannot use a white theme for a children's birthday party. However, you could choose another colour such as blue, green, pink or another bolder colour.

If your monochromatic theme should be a little fancier, and is meant for adult entertainment, then you can certainly choose a white theme. Use a simple white tablecloth and a centrepiece with white flowers. Then, you place some white plates on the table. To create just a little contrast, you can use some inexpensive burlap or muslin to place underneath your plates.

Can I Mix My Existing Plates, Bowls And Cutlery?

It is a common misconception that all your plates, bowls and glasses need to match for a party. This often leads to people spending loads of their budget on new tableware, something that is not really needed.

When it comes to mixing your existing tableware, it is a good idea to pick things that do somehow match or complement each other. For example, you can mix your most colourful plates, cups, bowls, and glasses to make your decor even more colourful. Of course, if you have bowls and plates in the same colour, but with a different pattern, you can combine those too.

Which Parties Should I Use Bolder Colours For?

Bold colours are brilliant for children's parties, as the primary colours are most commonly used then. Fortunately, these kinds of decorations are really affordable and are often available in multipacks. So, even if you need a large amount of decorations, you can save some serious money.

Could I Use Candles For Decorating Purposes?

If you are going for an elegant gathering, candles are usually a brilliant idea. Candles create a soft glow and therefore a warm ambience. In addition to that, you can use candles to hide a lack of other decorations. So, if you are on a budget, candles can be an awesome solution.

What Are The Most Affordable Decorations?

There are many affordable decorations to choose from. Balloons tend to be the most affordable, depending on the material your balloons are made of. If you purchase balloons on a budget, it is usually best to choose latex balloons. These balloons are affordable and are available in multipacks.

You can also use your garden or the outdoors as a natural decoration. So, instead of holding your party inside a venue, why not consider holding your party outside the house. While you may need a failsafe in case of bad weather, this method can save you big money.

Finally, create a buffet table to save money on food and on decorations at the same time. Decorate the table where the food stands on, and it will become the focal point of your venue.



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