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How To Decorate A Fancy Event On A Limited Budget?

Decorating a fancy event can be a stressful experience, especially if you are on a tight budget. However, it is important to know that any event can be decorated on a minimum budget, even the fancier ones. So, let us provide you with some top tips on how to get that fancy look without breaking the bank.

How Can I Make Chairs And Tables Look Fancies?

We all know the fancy tablecloths and chair covers we see at fancy events. Naturally, some of these tablecloths and chair covers can be incredibly expensive. Alternatively, you can purchase some cheaper fabrics and simply drape them over the back of the chair, opposed to covering it completely. You could even used coloured fabrics to decorate your walls and save some money on wall decorations.

How Do I Save Money On Those Fancy Invitations?

Some people spend incredible amounts of money on invitations for weddings and other more formal occasions. But it can be done cheaply as well. At Spotlight, you can find calligraphy supplies and templates to make your own handwritten invitations. Not only do they look extra special, they look fancy too.

There are some events where you might get away with sending an online invitation such as a birthday party. However, weddings, anniversaries, and other more formal events usually require a paper invitation.

Can I Save Money On Floral Decorations?

Flowers for events such as weddings and anniversaries can cost a small fortune. However, if you are quite handy, you can easily do some of the floristry for a fancier event yourself. As a cheaper alternative, you can use some decorated glass mason jars and put a subtle floral selection inside.

For an even more affordable solution, you can use an elegant balloon bouquet. Use three to five balloons in elegant colours such as white, creme, pale pink, or light purple for a more royal and formal ambiance.

What Is Affordable Lighting For A Fancy Event?

Fortunately, most lighting for events is relatively affordable. Still, the most affordable solution is a combination of well-placed candles and some fairy lights. You could also get some affordable lanterns and place them in strategic places.

For fancy events, you want to have some subtle and understated lighting. However, make sure you have some functional lighting in the essential areas such as the bar, parking area, and the entrance of your venue.

How Do I Decorate The Wall And Ceiling?

Larger venues can be quite daunting, because you have lots of space to fill. Fortunately, there are affordable ways to cover all that space at minimal cost.

Garland lights could be a great way to fill that empty space across the ceiling. Just like fairy lights, they are really affordable and can cover quite a distance. You can also get garland lights in warmer, subtler colours, which certainly match your formal events.

If there is already enough lighting in the room, you could cover the ceiling with some balloons too. Like we mentioned before, use balloons with elegant colours such as white, creme, champagne, silver or a subtle purple.

When decorating the walls, you can also use some subtle balloons and lights. For fancier events, it does not hurt to have a little bit of naked space on the walls, so you do not have to cover absolutely everything. Of course, a couple of strategically placed lights and balloons can certainly make the entire thing look better.

Once you have finished the decorating process, make sure the lighting is exactly right. If you are not happy with certain areas, move the light inside the room to put the focus on the areas you want to draw attention to.

Getting Affordable Event Decorations From Spotlight

When you find yourself on a budget, you can find some really affordable party decorations and other equipment at Spotlight. Our catalogue provides everything from balloons to garlands and party lights at a really affordable price. So, if you are looking to save big on event supplies, you are bound to find them here. Check out the other categories in our party range to discover all the supplies we offer for weddings, birthday, anniversaries, and other events.



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