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Take Your Event To The Next Level With Our Top Lighting Tips

Even if you have the finest venue with the best decorations, the entire thing can still fall apart if you do not use the right lighting. Fortunately, you can obtain the right lights from Spotlight, which includes some options from our range of mirror balls and motors. But for now, let's start and take a look at some top tips to arrange your event lighting.

How Do You Start Choosing Lighting For An Event?

Before you start the selection of your lights, you must consider the event you are organising. In short, the lighting of a wedding will be considerably different than that of a children's birthday party. For most adult parties, you will use lighting to create an atmosphere, while you will use functional lighting for children's parties as much as possible.

To understand which lights to use for your event, it is necessary to get familiar with the various types of lighting you can encounter. A detailed overview of this can be found further in this article.

Which Types Of Lighting Can Be Used At Events?

You may have attended your share of events during your lifetime, so you may have some idea about the various types of lights that can be used for an event. Still, to help you narrow things down, we have created a brief overview of each light type below with its respective purpose.

LED: This is one of the most common types of lights you will encounter during events. Even organisers will use these lights for many reasons. It can be used to create a softer atmosphere for an indoor event, but it can also serve a functional purpose for outdoor events.

Disco lighting: Disco lighting, which may include mirror balls, needs to be used carefully in an event or party setting. The reason for that is that this type of lighting is quite dramatic and can therefore have quite the dramatic effect on the look of your event. That being said, it is suitable for most parties, as it creates a real club vibe.

Fairy lighting: Fairy lights have quite the whimsical look and they are some of the most affordable lighting choices around. So, if you have a low budget but still want to set the right atmosphere, fairy lights could be the way to go.

Despite their lower cost, fairy lights can be used for the most formal of occasions. In fact, fairy lights are particularly popular for weddings and anniversaries. So, don't be fooled by the affordability of these lights.

Festoon lighting: While the name of these lights may not sound familiar to you, we have no doubt that you have encountered it. Festoon lights are also known under the name cafe lights or garland lights. They are often spread over a ceiling to add a romantic and sophisticated atmosphere.

While they fulfil a similar purpose as fairy lights, festoon lights can cover a larger amount of space. If your venue is particularly large and you want to achieve the same effect as with fairy lights, festoon lights could be a good choice for your event.

Flood lights: We do not recommend flood lights for most events, as they are quite bright and should never be used in the indoors. They tend to be quite bulky too, so they will not blend with your interior easily.

Of course, there is a purpose for flood lights at events. When the walking path towards your entrance is not clear or when there is little light in the parking area, you could use some well-placed flood lights to provide more functional lighting outside.

Purchasing Event Lighting From Spotlight

Since Spotlight provides event lighting for really affordable prices, you will find that purchasing the lights from us can often be more affordable than hiring event lighting for a company. In addition to our range of mirror balls and motors, you can also check the range for other lights, which have been mentioned in the overview above.

You can also count on Spotlight for other party supplies, ranging from balloons to tableware and decorations. Head over to our main catalogue to discover all the amazing deals waiting for you.



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