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What Are The Best Ways To Hang Decorations From The Ceiling?

Hanging decorations from the ceiling is usually quite straightforward, although there are different methods you can implement. The method you use depends on the weight of your decorations, but also the look you are trying to create. If you are curious about the methods you can use to hang decorations from the ceiling, be sure to read on.

Can I Use Adhesives To Stick Hanging Decorations From The Ceiling?

Adhesives are the most straightforward methods to use for hanging decorations. Of course, the weight adhesives can carry is limited, so you cannot use adhesives for heavier hanging decorations. Still, lighter decorations such as streamers and light banners can usually be attached with adhesives. Here are common adhesives you can use for hanging decorations.

Tape - This is the most straightforward adhesive. Simply stick some tap over one end of the decoration and attach it to the ceiling. Please note, you should always add some pressure to the tape to prevent it from peeling off.

There are various reasons why you should choose tape over other adhesives. However, one of the main reasons is to protect the paint on the ceiling. Most types of tape do no leave residue and are easy to remove.

Sticky tack - Sticky tack can cover larger surfaces and is also a popular way to hang decorations. The only real downside to sticky tack is that it could leave an oily residue on your ceiling. To remove this oily residue, simply go over it with an eraser.

Velcro or command strip - When it comes to leaving your ceiling clean and pristine, Velcro or command strip is the most recommended method. Contrary to sticky tack, Velcro or command strip does not leave any residue and is easy to remove. It can also hold a little bit more weight than most kinds of tape. On the flipside, Velcro and command strip can be considerably more expensive than other adhesives.

How Do I Hang Heavier Objects From The Ceiling?

Heavier objects can be more difficult to attach to the ceiling, since tape and command strip can only carry so much weight. Fortunately, you can use items such as hooks and thumbtacks. Contrary to the previously mentioned adhesives, these items can carry quite a bit of weight.

When you use hooks, thumbtacks and other attachments such as nails, you do have to consider that they can leave marks on your ceiling. Thumbtacks tend to leave the least visible mark, but they leave a mark nonetheless.

Which String Can I Use To Hang Decorations From The Ceiling?

Much like there are different types of adhesives and attachments you can use to hang decorations from your ceiling, there are also different kinds of string.

Yarn and basic string - Both yarn and basic string are very popular to attach decorations to the ceiling. Yarn and string are available in different colours, which means they can easily match your decorations or your interior.

Twine - In addition to yarn and string, you can also choose twine. Twine provides a more natural look and a rustic feel, which means it can be used for special occasions such as Halloween and autumn parties.

Fishing line - If yarn, string, and twine are a little too obvious for your decoration goals, you can also use some fishing line. Opposed to other options, fishing line is not that obvious, as it is clear in nature. Fish line is also very strong, so you can hang stronger objects from it.

When hanging decorations from fishing line, always make sure that your guests will not get tangled in it. If you keep your fishing line too long, it could cause problems. Therefore, try to keep your fishing line decorations just above the height of your guests.

Clothesline - If you rather not hang several pieces of string, twine or fishing line from the ceiling, you can also use a clothesline to hang some decorations from. Of course, a clothesline does limit you in terms of coverage, as you can only hang your decorations on one line. That being said, it is the easiest and most time-saving method to hang decorations from the ceiling for a special occasion.



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