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How To Decorate The Table For My Party?

Decorating your tables at a party is an absolute must, as it makes your whole party environment come together. But how do you decorate a table? What are the things to consider for maximum effect? To find out, read the handy table decorating guide below.

What Colours Schemes Are Appropriate For A Party Table?

There is no real limit to the colour schemes you can use for a party, although there are some recommended colours depending on the type of party you are having. For weddings, white and royal purple prove incredibly popular. For birthday parties, you could choose bolder and more daring colours. If you do not have a preferred colour scheme, you could also try these suggestions.

Seasonal colours - Depending on the season you are holding your party, you can consider seasonal colours. If you are throwing a party in spring, you could choose some simple pastel colours. For the winter, go for some whites and ivory.

Patterned setup - You do not have to choose even colours for your colour scheme, you can choose geometric designs or floral patterns too. If you think your venue does not look bold enough, this could be an option to liven things up.

Should I Add A Centrepiece To My Party Tables?

Centrepieces are a must for all parties, whether you are throwing a child's birthday party or an adult party. Fortunately, centrepieces do not have to cost loads, especially if you are quite creative. You can simply make your own.

Evidently, your centrepiece should match the occasion. For children's parties, you can choose a centrepiece made from balloons. For an adult party, you could use some candles, flowers, or seasonal items.

Of course, if you are not that creative, you can always purchase some centrepieces to add to your tables. Before you purchase, just make sure that the theme of the centrepiece matches the overall decorative theme at your venue.

Why Is It Important To Add Something I Made Myself?

Buying your decorations from the store is brilliant, but you should always make something yourself too. Adding something homemade gives your venue a personal touch, something that is not obtainable with pre-bought items alone.

Even if you are not that creative, you can easily make something yourself to add to the venue, this can include some nameplates or floral arrangements. Think about what you could do yourself creatively and implement it at your venue.

What Should I Remember About Food Arrangement At A Party Venue?

The presentation of your food is important at your party venue too. There are some general rules to consider, this to make sure that your guests can easily gain access to the food, but also make sure that the food looks inviting. So, be sure to incorporate the top rules below.

Height distribution - When you put all foods at the same height, your food table will not stand out whatsoever. To create a more elegant and put-together effect, it is therefore recommended to place your food on different heights. To achieve this, use some platters and display stands of different heights to take care of your presentation.

Consider table space - The amount of space you have at your table is important too. Do not try to put everything on a single table if you expect more than fifty guests, this could cause a line at the buffet table and makes it seem like there is not enough food available. For venues over fifty guests, you need a minimum of at least two tables.

Add a children's table - If you are throwing a party where children will be present too, you should always add a separate table for the kids. You want to make sure that this table is somewhat smaller than the adult tables too, this enables kids to get their own food without adult assistance.

The decorations used on the kid's table will be somewhat different too. You want to choose things that cannot be broken, for example, paper cups and plates. You should also make the overall presentation a little child friendlier. However, also make sure that the theme you use for the children's table blends in well with the theme of the rest of your venue, this can be achieved through the use of similar colours.



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