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Foil Versus Latex Balloons: Which Is Right For My Party?

When you start looking for balloons for a party, you must choose between foil and latex balloons. While they certainly look different, not everyone is aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each balloon type. To learn more, and to determine which balloon type is best for your party, please read our handy balloon guide below.

What Are The Advantages Of Latex Balloons?

One of the biggest benefits of latex balloons is their affordable price. Latex is a material that is relatively affordable to produce for manufacturers, so you will find many multipacks at an extremely affordable price. Since you can buy latex balloons in large quantities, you will have little trouble filling up a larger venue with balloon decorations.

In addition to being affordable, latex balloons are also incredibly versatile. Depending on your needs, you can fill a latex balloon with anything from air to helium and water. So, if you are looking for versatility and affordability, latex balloons will be the right choice for you.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Latex Balloons?

One of the downsides of the latex balloon is its overall durability. For example, when a latex balloon is filled with helium, the membrane of the latex releases the helium over time. So, your latex balloons will not last as long when filled with helium, especially compared to foil balloons.

In addition to its problems with helium, latex balloons do not deal well with colder temperatures either. Colder temperatures tend to damage the latex material and can ruin your balloons a lot quicker. However, latex balloons are very affordable and perfect for a party that takes place on a single night.

What Are The Advantages Of Foil Balloons?

Foil balloons are associated with many benefits. Firstly, they are extremely durable because they are made from a mixture of nylon and metal. Therefore, foil balloons are likely to last longer than their latex equivalents.

In addition to overall durability, foil balloons hold helium well. As they are made from a combination of metal and nylon, they do not let the helium escape like latex does. In fact, some foil balloons can maintain their shape up to a whopping two weeks. If you have a gathering that will last for a couple of days, or you are looking for something more durable, then foil balloons will be the right choice for you.

Foil balloons are also available in many shapes and themes. You can get stars, hearts, circles, animal-shaped balloons and so much more. In other words, anyone looking for something special is always going to choose foil over latex balloons.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Foil Balloons?

The only downside to foil balloons is their price compared to latex balloons. As foil balloons are more expensive to manufacture, they tend to cost a little more than their latex equivalent. They are usually sold individually as well, which makes it more difficult for customers to buy these balloons in bulk.

If the cost of foil balloons is an issue, but you still want to use them at your venue, you can always use a combination of foil balloons and latex balloons. Choose a couple of foil balloons that will draw the main attention and fill the rest of your venue with some latex balloons. This way, you can still benefit from foil balloons without having to fill your entire venue with them.

Where Do I Get The Helium?

There are many ways to obtain helium for your foil balloons. Some people choose to hire a helium tank for their venue, which can prove useful if you have many foil balloons to fill. However, if you only have a couple of helium balloons to fill with helium, you can also use the helium service available at Spotlight.

Spotlight can fill your foil balloons with helium for you, saving you money on a helium tank and the associated hassle. For more information about our helium balloons service, please refer to the relevant page on the website.

Find Countless Foil Balloons At Spotlight

Spotlight provides an extensive range of foil balloons for a variety of special occasions. We have foil balloons for romantic events such as Valentine's Day and anniversaries, but also foil balloons for birthdays, christenings and more. Of course, all our foil balloons are offered at the sharpest prices in New Zealand.

In addition to foil balloons, you can also count on Spotlight for latex balloons. So, if you wish to combine foil and latex balloons for your party, you can do so thanks to the Spotlight catalogue.

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