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A nice selection of balloons can work miracles when it comes to party decorating. You can use them for balloon arches, balloons centrepieces and even balloon garlands that will liven up any party venue. At spotlight, customers can choose from an extensive range of printed latex balloons in various shapes, colours and sizes. Take advantage of our range today and grab yourself an excellent deal!

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Get Some Inspiring Balloon Decoration Ideas From Spotlight

Balloons may look like simple decorations, but you can create some intricate masterpieces with some simple balloons purchased from Spotlight. If you are curious which decorative masterpieces can be made with the balloons from Spotlight, be sure to read on.

How Can I Make A Balloon Arch?

A balloon arch is one of the most popular decorations to make with balloons. There are also different ways to create a balloon arch. If you need some inspiration, here are some of our favourite ideas.

Contrasting colours: When you want your balloon arch to really stand out, we recommend using a range of balloons in contrasting colours. Of course, if you want the desired effect, you will need to arrange them in the right order. In other words, simply group two balloons of the same colour together.

String balloons together: If you do not have the time for an intricate balloon arch, you can simply string some balloons together. Align the balloons like a pearl necklace and string them together. You can use this simple arch over a table or at the entrance of a party venue.

Try some balloon columns: When you want to combine latex balloons and some balloons in unusual shapes, you may want to consider the balloon column. Simply arrange your balloons to build a column and top it off with a large special-shape balloon on top.

What Are Some Other Decorations That Can Be Made With Balloons?

While balloon arches are some of the best-known balloon decorations, there are many other decorations you can make with balloons. If you need more inspiration, here are some of the balloon decorations we love most.

The balloon bouquet: Balloon bouquets are popular for any kind of special occasion, although they look particularly classy for weddings and anniversaries. The principle is quite simple, simply use a combination of three to five balloons, string them together, and then add them to the centre of a table as a centrepiece. You can do this for all the tables at your event.

The hot air balloon: If you don't want too many balloons as a centrepiece, you can also create the hot air balloon decoration. Simply grab a wicker basket and fill them with flowers. Then, fill a balloon with helium and tie it off. Next, use your macrame skills to create a balloon net. Put the body of the net over the balloon and the ends of the net in the flower basket - this will deliver a stunning hot air balloon design that makes any table look special.

While you can put hot air balloon decorations on all tables, this particular decoration can be a little cumbersome. To avoid problems, it can be a good idea to use this balloon decoration on a larger table as a centrepiece.

Confetti balloons: If you have a number of plain balloons lying around, then you can certainly have some fun with this. First, grab five of your largest clear latex balloons. Then, use some glue to add confetti to the outside of your balloons.

There are many types of confetti you can use to decorate clear balloons, but we especially recommend larger confetti or glitter confetti. As you can get quite creative with this, you can use both as well.

Tulle balloons: When you want to make your balloons a little classier, and have some spare tulle laying around, then you can try to create tulle balloons. Simply fill the balloons with helium or air and then cover them in tulle. Collect the tulle at the bottom of the balloon and finish it with an elegant ribbon.

It is important to know that tulle balloons can float when you fill them with helium, but you must make sure the balloons are big enough. Sometimes, the tulle is too heavy for the balloon to float, so the overall size of the balloon is important in this instance.

More Balloons Available At Spotlight

When you take a quick look at the Spotlight catalogue, you will find numerous balloons to purchase. You can choose some from our range of printed latex balloons, but also plain latex balloons and foil balloons. So, no matter which balloons you need, Spotlight is sure to deliver them. We also provide a balloon helium service, so you don't need a helium tank to get your balloons ready for the party.



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