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Decorating With Latex Balloons: Here's What You Need To Know

Latex balloons are counted among the most common party decorations. From children's birthday parties to christenings and weddings, there are many uses for the average latex balloons. Since they are so common, you can find many tips on how to decorate your party venue with latex balloons. If you want to discover some of these tips, be sure to read on.

How Do I Choose A Balloon Colour For Specific Events?

While there are no "official" rules when it comes down to choosing balloon colours, there are some guidelines to ensure you choose the right colour. Below, we have listed some common parties you may need balloons for and the recommended colours.

Birthdays - A birthday is the perfect time for bolder balloon colours. In general, people tend to use a combination of different colours, this goes from green and blue to yellow and red. The more colourful the better for a birthday.

Christenings and weddings - Christenings and weddings are usually styled the same way where balloons are concerned. Elegant colours such as white, cream, or champagne colour are usually recommended for these events.

Baby shower - Baby showers can be on par with christenings and weddings where balloon colours are concerned. However, you can also use baby blue or pink, this if the gender of the baby is known.

Seasonal events - You could be holding a party for Halloween or Christmas, which may require some balloons as decorations. If this is the case, you want to stick with some of the seasonal colours. For Christmas, you can use colours such as red, silver, and gold. For Halloween, choose some orange balloons instead. So, choosing colours for seasonal events is relatively simple.

Should I Choose Foil Or Latex?

This is a common question we get asked, as both balloon types have quite a few benefits. Fortunately, we have a straightforward answer for you. If you have a party that will last for several days, we recommend foil balloons. Foil balloons have a longer inflation life, so they are recommended for parties that last longer than a day. Of course, foil balloons can be more expensive than latex.

Latex balloons are a great choice for most parties. They are affordable and are available in tons of colours and designs. Of course, if you like the look of foil balloons, but do not have the budget to fill your entire venue with foil balloons, simply choose a combination of latex and foil for maximum effect.

How Many Balloons Do I Need To Purchase?

When you have a large venue to fill, it can be difficult to determine just how many balloons you should purchase. If the venue is particularly large, we usually suggest buying latex balloons in bulk quantity, this allows for some accidents and gives you some extra balloons if you estimated the number wrong. Of course, you can still buy a couple of foil balloons as accents in your decor setup.

Do I Use Helium Or Air?

In most cases, it is best to use a combination of helium and air. Use helium for balloons that will cover the ceiling at your venue. For balloons on the floor or arch balloons, you can use air.

Some people use balloons to create balloon bouquets, which will require you to use helium. If you do not want to rent a helium tank, you can get your balloons filled at Spotlight as well. So, if you do not want to mess around with helium tank rental, be sure to check out this service on our website.

How Can I Implement Balloons As Decorations?

If you have attended lots of parties in your lifetime, you may have discovered lots of ways to hang balloons at a venue. You can some string to helium balloons and let them float to the ceiling. You can also create balloon arches in two different colours, giving your venue a centrepiece for your guests to marvel at. There are tons of other ideas out there as well, this includes balloon bouquets, centrepieces, floor balloons, balloon stands, wall balloons, and loads more. So, there is a lot out there for you to have some fun with.



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