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Decorate your next themed party in style with our amazing foil balloon bouquets from Spotlight! Discover our range of party decorations at Spotlight now.

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Get The Right Balloons Combination With Our Balloon Bouquet Kits

At Spotlight, customers can obtain balloon bouquet kits, consisting of several foil balloons with matching themes and colours. So, if you are not that great at choosing the right balloon combination, why not take advantage of our selection?

There are many benefits to using foil balloons at your events. If you are not that familiar with foil balloons and their applications, be sure to check out our overview below.

What Are Foil Balloons?

When you compare a latex balloon to a foil balloon, you will immediately notice a big difference. This is because both types of balloons are made from different materials. Foil balloons are made from a special Mylar plastic, which is then coated in a thin layer of aluminium. This combination enables you to fill the balloon with helium, which makes the balloon rise up.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Foil Balloons?

Just like latex balloons, foil balloons have a considerable number of benefits. Below, we have provided a brief overview of the most prominent foil balloon advantages.

They stay inflated much longer - Compared to other types of balloons, foil balloons remain inflated for much longer. In fact, most foil balloons will last up to five days, this gives party organisers a lot more time to prepare the balloons for the festivities in advance. While it is always better to sort out the balloons close to the start of the event, it does leave party organisers with more options.

They come in different shapes - Even though latex balloons come in different sizes too, foil balloons tend to be even more original where shapes are concerned. You can find these balloons in round, heart, and even square shapes. They can also form letters and numbers, which makes them a great accessory for milestone birthdays and anniversaries.

You can use them as gifts - As foil balloons have a longer lifespan, it is not uncommon for these balloons to be gifted for a special occasion. Sometimes, you will even find them on top of gift boxes or inside baby hampers.

Photographers love them - Photographers love having some foil balloons at party venues, as foil balloons have mirror-like qualities. Therefore, photographers can count on light reflections and more artistic photographs.

What Should I Be Careful Of With Mylar Balloons?

Mylar balloons do not have many disadvantages, although there are a couple you should be aware of. Firstly, foil balloons are not that great for the environment, mainly because they cannot be recycled at the moment.

Secondly, it is difficult to use foil or mylar balloons in constructions such as balloon arches. Latex balloons make this considerably easier, as they are more versatile. Because they are less common and require more during the production process, they can be more expensive than latex balloons too.

Finally, you must take special care when you use foil balloons around electrical installations. The problem is not really the balloon itself, but more the helium that is used to fill the balloon. When the helium escapes near the electrical installation, it could be a serious danger. Therefore, make sure to keep balloons away from any electrical equipment when placed in a party venue.

The Foil Balloon Bouquet Selection At Spotlight

As mentioned earlier, Spotlight has an amazing selection of foil balloon bouquets. There are some amazing themes to benefit from too, this includes Frozen, Disney princesses, Spiderman, Tinkerbell, and even Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

At Spotlight, we do not only offer foil balloon bouquets for children's parties, we also have balloon bouquets for adult special occasions, this includes 50th and 60th birthday parties, floral themed balloons and more.

Spotlight provides its foil balloon bouquets at the most affordable prices. So, if you want to benefit from foil balloons without breaking the bank, you can count on Spotlight to deliver. Check out our catalogue to discover our latest balloon bouquet releases for your party venue.

Don't forget, Spotlight also delivers loads of balloon accessories for your party venue. We also have a big range of latex balloons, so you can choose the material you are most comfortable with. To ensure you have all the decorations you need, be sure to check out our party decorations catalogue.



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