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Create a wonderful bouquet of balloons to put in a jug or vase, or make it easy for little ones to proudly carry their party balloon on the way home, with these handy balloon sticks and cups from Spotlight. Available in blue, green, pink and black, these balloon sticks and cups are available in packs of six, and are simple and quick to fasten to your latex balloons. For a full range of both plain and printed latex balloons in different shapes, colours and sizes, check out the rest of our party items here at Spotlight.

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Our Top Tips For Balloon Decorations

There are many special occasions where balloon decorations can be used. From weddings to birthdays, there is always a good time to use our range of balloons and balloon decorations. However, if you have little experience with balloon decorations, it may all seem a little overwhelming. So, let us guide you through the world of balloon decoration and provide you with some top tips.

How Do I Decorate The Wall With Balloons?

You will find that there are a couple of techniques you can use to decorate a wall with balloons. A common way of decorating the wall with balloons is by grouping them in an uneven number. For example, you can hang three balloons together along the wall. You can repeat this process for various wall sections. You can use balloons in the same colour, but you can also use two or different colours. It all depends on the special occasion.

In addition to the grouping technique, you could also use a balloon garland. While this requires a little more work, it can deliver one of the most amazing results. Simply use your favourite decorative ribbon and sew it through the balloon knots to create the garland. Of course, always make sure you have the right length of ribbon for the wall you want to cover. You can hang the garland on the top of the wall, but you can also hang it in the middle or diagonally, whichever you prefer.

If you do not want to use any ribbon to decorate the walls with balloons, you can stick them as well. You can use some basic glue dots, but blue tack tends to be the most effective. Ideally, use a maximum of three colours to make the design come together.

How Do I Decorate The Ceiling With Balloons?

Decorating a ceiling with balloons is one of the most fun things to do. Like decorating a wall, there a literally a dozen ways to decorate the ceiling. So, it all depends on how much time you want to spend on the decorating process.

One of the ways to decorate the ceiling with balloons is by hanging them down with some string. You can hang them in groups of three or five, as uneven numbers usually look best from a decorative point of view.

When you hang balloons down from the ceiling with some ribbon, always make sure they are above head height. After all, you do not want your guests hitting their head. They looks especially lovely above dinner tables, but you don't want accidents with candles or other sources of heat. You don't want dinner to be disturbed by balloons floating around people's heads either, so be sure to keep the height in mind throughout.

You can also decorate your ceiling with a traditional ceiling net and balloons in the same or in two different colours. If you want to make things even more special, make sure you can remove the net after a certain time and let the balloons come down on your guests. This is especially popular for New Year's Eve.

When you are extremely creative by nature, you could also attempt a balloon chandelier. Now, these can be a little tricky to make, so it does require a little patience. For maximum effect, we recommend a maximum of two colours. You should also use balloons of various sizes. As this will create more detail in your chandelier. For a children's party, you can even make a chandelier-pinata. Just cover the balloons in papier mache and make sure to fill them with lots of goodies!

Balloons And Balloon Accessories From Spotlight

You can find loads of balloons and balloon accessories at Spotlight, which will fulfil all your balloon decorating needs. Whether you need some basic latex balloons or helium balloons, you can find the entire range in our catalogue. Also, you can count on balloon accessories to keep your balloons in place and keep them from floating away.

Of course, Spotlight also provides some other decorations for your party or event. We have decorated tableware, tablecloths, and so much more. Check out our amazing prices on all party and event decorations right now!



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