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Premium Decorating Ribbons For Balloons Available At Spotlight!

At Spotlight, you can find a lot of decorations for your party, this goes from balloons to banners and even decorated tablecloths. In our range you can also find some stunning balloon decorating ribbons, which will help you turn your decorative balloons into something truly special.

What Can I Do With The Balloon Decorating Ribbons From Spotlight?

Balloon decorating ribbons can be used for numerous things. You can use them to create balloon bouquets, which can be used as centrepieces for your party venue. Decorative ribbons can also be used for standing balloons and even arches. You can even use them as a piece of string with which children can hold onto their balloon.

What Are Some Popular Balloons Decorations?

Balloon decorations can come in all shapes and sizes. You can fill up some balloons and place them in a net over your venue, after which you can release them at a designated time. As mentioned before, you can also use them as a centrepiece on your guest tables.

One of the most popular balloon decorations for a variety of events is the balloon arch. Not only are these used for formal business occasions, they are also popular for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and loads more. Below, we will provide you with all the information you need to create a balloon arch from scratch.

What Do I Need To Make A Balloon Arch?

To make a balloon arch, you will need some supplies to get yourself started. Essential supplies for your balloon arch include a pair of scissors, some plastic flowers, low-temperature glue gun, balloons, fishing line, and some hooks.

Before you can start creating your balloon arch, it is a good idea to draw your design on a piece of paper. Arches can be made with different balloons, colours, and even decorations, so drawing out your design will give you a better idea where assembly is concerned.

Once you start working on your balloon arch, it is a good idea to blow up your balloons in different sizes. By doing so, you can experiment not only with different colours, but also with different sizes. By having a selection of smaller balloons, you can also fill up any gaps in your balloons arch if they should occur.

Creating a balloon arch is actually done through a smart sewing process. For this process, you need a decent sized needle and some fishing line. Make sure you knot the fishing line multiple times to ensure it does not come apart during the sewing process.

To start, put the needle through the knot of the balloon and pull the fishing line through. Be careful not to stick the needle in your finger as you push it through. If you have a thimble laying around, you can use this for some added protection.

Once you have pulled your first balloon over the fishing line, you can pull over the other balloons respectively. You can see this process as a garland, so make sure you pull each balloon to the end before you add another.

When you have added all your balloons to the fishing line, it is time to cut the fishing line. Then, be sure to knot the end of the fishing line to prevent the balloons from sliding off the line when you hang them up.

Now you have your balloons on the fishing line, it is time to construct your arch. Hang some hook on the wall, going around the shape your arch will be on. To prevent any problems, we usually recommend hanging small sections of balloons at one time, this will ensure your arch looks quite full and luxurious.

Once you have hung up your balloons, it is time to check for any additional holes in the arch. To create a fuller arch, you can always take some of the smaller balloons and attach them to the arch with the low temperature glue gun.

When you use a glue gun to fill up the gaps, always remember that even a low temperature glue gun could cause a balloon to pop. Therefore, never put the tip of the glue gun directly on the balloon. Instead, simply let the glue drip from the glue gun.



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