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Find Out How To Make Synthetic Wigs From Spotlight Look Natural

Synthetic wigs are undoubtedly more affordable than those made from real hair, but they can look less than real if you do not know how to handle them. Fortunately, you can count on Spotlight. Not only can you count on us for synthetic wigs for the sharpest prices, you can also count on some additional tips and tricks to make your synthetic wig look like real hair.

How Long Can I Wear A Synthetic Wig And Make It Look Real?

Despite the fact they are not made from genuine hair, synthetic wigs usually have a lengthy lifespan of minimal six months. In most cases, customers do not have to replace their synthetic wig until a year has passed. Therefore, investing in one of the affordable wigs at Spotlight is certainly not a bad investment.

If you have owned a synthetic wig for a considerable amount of time and notice that you cannot style it no matter how hard you try, or if you notice the loss of a significant amount of hair, then it is time to replace the wig. Of course, you can increase the lifespan of a synthetic wig by maintaining it properly.

What Do I Do If The Colour Of The Synthetic Wig Looks Unnatural?

The problem with hair colour is that it is never one even colour. In fact, real hair always consists of various colours, which gives it that natural appearance. Most synthetic wigs on the other hand, have on single colour. Therefore, adjusting the colours of your synthetic wig can make the wig appear more natural.

To make your synthetic wig look more natural, you should always work with gradients. For example, making the roots darker than the rest of the hair. You could also use a blend of two colours and work away from the root of the wig. It does not have to be overly complicated.

Most synthetic wigs take to colouring quite easily, but there are a select few that may be resistant to hair dyes. Therefore, always check if the synthetic wig can be coloured with some hair dye, even the cheapest wigs.

Are There Some Synthetic Wigs That Look More Natural Than Others?

As you may know already, some synthetic wigs can look more natural than others. If you are looking for a natural look, then it is important to be informed about the different types of synthetic wigs that could be used.

The lace front wig - One of the synthetic wigs that is relatively easy to turn natural is the lace front wig. Lace front wigs are designed in such a way so that they resemble a natural hairline. With other synthetic wigs, you usually have to pluck hairs until you can get a pronounced hairline.

The monofilament wig - A monofilament wig is quite similar to the lace front wig, as it also provides a relatively natural looking hairline. Synthetic monofilament wigs are made by hand, which does mean they can be a little more expensive than other synthetic wigs.

How To Manipulate A Synthetic Wig To Look Natural?

There are various things you can do yourself to make a cheap synthetic wig look natural. Below, you can find our top tips for maximum effect.

Don't make it too perfect - Synthetic wigs often look perfect. While there is no problem with that, genuine hair is never completely perfect. Therefore, it is best to tweeze out a couple of strands of hair to make the wig appear less perfect.

Mimic grow out - To make your synthetic wig look less like a synthetic wig, it is a good idea to mimic the illusion of hair grow out. To achieve 'the-grow' out look, you can trim your wig with some layers or some uneven edges. Of course, you probably do not want to pay a hairdresser to do this, but you can find plenty of tutorials online on how to achieve this look.

Get the size right - While it is not the first thing you think about, the size of the wig is important to get a natural look. To ensure you get the right size, measure the circumference of your head with a tape measure.



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