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Which Hat Or Headwear Matches My Outfit?

When you have a brilliant outfit for a party, you may want a matching hat. At Spotlight, we provide a range of hats and headwear, which are bound to fit your outfit or a fancy-dress costume. If you are not familiar with the rules when it comes to wearing hats, here are some of our top tips to find the perfect headwear for your outfit.

When Should I Wear A Baseball Hat?

Baseball hats are associated with sporting events, but they are actually remarkably versatile. From fancy-dress events to causal parties, there are many occasions when you can wear baseball hats.

When you wear a baseball hat, make sure the rest of your outfit matches. Smart casual and causal works really well with a baseball hat. You can even complement it with some jeans and some casual armbands to tie the look together.

When Should I Wear A Beanie?

Limit the use of beanies to cold weather. While you should never wear a beanie to formal events, you can always wear a decent beanie with a casual outfit. Some black leggings with a white blouse and a black jacket, complemented by a black beanie, will create quite the stunning look. You can wear flats but also high heels, it all depends on the mood you are in.

What Is The Best Way To Wear A Woven Hat?

Woven hats are the exact opposite of the beanie, as they are extremely suitable for warmer weather. You will see many people wear woven hats on holiday, so a woven hat can be a brilliant choice for a casual garden party.

To wear your woven hat like a pro, you can easily combine it with a casual pair of jeans and some wedges. To make your outfit just a little smarter, top it all off with a white blouse.

Not in the mood for trousers? If so, you can pair your woven hat with a nice dress. Choose a dress with an interesting pattern such as flowers or a geometrical design. You could also wear a dress in a neutral colour such as white.

When Can I Wear Novelty Knitted Hats?

You can find many knitted hats with a novelty theme these days. Cat ears are especially popular at the moment and they make a great addition to your casual wardrobe for the winter.

One of the problems with a knitted novelty hat is that it isn't so suitable for formal occasions. Even though you can wear it to a fancy-dress party or a casual gathering with your friends to your local pub, novelty knitted hats are notoriously difficult to combine with formal outfits.

What Are Suitable Occasions For Wide Brimmed Hats?

Wide brimmed hats tend to be quite casual too, although some designs might pass for a formal occasion. Wide brimmed hats are brilliant for a bad hair day and they are suitable for both summer and winter depending on the material they are made of.

When you want to draw more attention to your face with your outfit, it is a good idea to choose a different colour for your hat compared to your outfit. For example, if you are wearing a casual black outfit, you can complement it better by choosing a dark brown hat.

When Should I Wear A Fedora?

The fedora is a classic hat and very suitable for formal occasions. If you are heading to a fancy evening party, then you can easily combine your formal dress or other outfit with a fedora. Most fedora hats are also suitable for clubbing.

When you wear a fedora hat, always make sure that you have acquired the right size. Ill-fitting fedoras can really ruin an outfit, so it is best to try on these types of hats before you purchase them.

Hats And Headwear For Affordable Prices At Spotlight

When you take a look at our range of hats and headwear, you will find lots of options for all kinds of special occasions, this ranges from fancy-dress events to birthdays and even more formal occasions. Check our affordable prices today and benefit from hats and headwear that match your personality perfectly.



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