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How To Make A Synthetic Wig Look Natural?

Synthetic wigs are quite popular during Halloween, as more unusual haircuts and colours rule the roost during this time of year. Of course, synthetic wigs need a little extra care if you are going for a natural look. Fortunately, these expert tips can make your synthetic wig look brilliant in minimal time.

What Do I Do When The Cut Of A Synthetic Wig Does Not Match My Outfit?

You may have found a wig that has the right length or colour, but once you try it on, you find that the cut does not really match the theme of your Halloween costume. Synthetic wigs are quite affordable, but that does mean they usually have a more basic cut.

To get the right cut for your synthetic wig, it is a good idea to alter the cut yourself. There are plenty of videos online that teach you how to give a synthetic wig a more natural cut. We do recommend, however, not to use a pair of basic kitchen scissors. Obtain a cheap pair of hairdresser scissors to get the best result.

What If The Colour Does Not Look Right?

When you purchase online, it is not uncommon to encounter a colour shade you are not that happy with, this because a computer monitor can make colours look different by a couple of shades. However, this does not mean you cannot alter the colour of your wig. Simply dye the wig with temporary or permanent hair dye to obtain the colour you are after.

If you cannot find the colour you want, always obtain a blonde wig. Blond is easier to dye over, especially when you are looking for spectacular colours such as purple, pink, red, or other bold colours.

What Do I Do If The Parting Of My Synthetic Wig Does Not Look Right?

The parting of synthetic wigs is usually the main problem people encounter. Factory-made wigs can have a parting that simply looks too perfect, and subsequently less than natural. To correct this problem, you must make the parting less perfect.

To adjust the parting of a synthetic wig, you will need some tweezers. Find the parting of the wig and then tweeze out some random hairs, this will make the parting look less perfect and more natural. You can even tweeze to make the parting resemble your usual hair parting.

How Do I Make Synthetic Wigs Less Shiny?

Another thing that can make a wig look less natural is the shine it has. While it may not be a real problem for Halloween, you can use a simple trick to reduce the shine and make the wig look more natural on you. Please note that both real and synthetic wigs have this problem and that our fix can be applied for both.

One of the ways to reduce the shin on a synthetic or a real wig is by using some dry shampoo. You can also use some talcum powder. Simply apply a small amount of your chosen powder and then take a little tissue to rub the powder over the strands. Apply over the entire wig until you have acquired your preferred look.

Which Brush Should I Use For Synthetic Wigs?

If you wear a synthetic wig more than once, you will need to brush it to keep it in good condition. Of course, you cannot use just any brush, as some brushes can cause tangles or even pull out strands from the wig itself.

To avoid accidents with a synthetic wig, always try to sue a wide-tooth comb. Wide-tooth combs made from a durable plastic tend to be gentlest on synthetic wigs. You could also obtain a dedicated wig brush, but a wide-tooth comb will undoubtedly do the job just fine.

What Should I Use To Style My Synthetic Wig?

Straighteners or curling irons are perfectly fine to use on synthetic wigs most of the time, but always check the label just to make sure. Some heat tools can damage the synthetic material, in which case you should use steam instead. If heat is not an option to style your wig, use a combination of a wig brush and some steam. Alternate them until you have achieved the desired smoothness.



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