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Get creative with our superb selection of face and body paint at Spotlight! We have an extensive range available, with lots of different types of paints in just about every colour as well as all the tools, brushes, stencils and sponges you will need to complete the look. Whether you are shopping for a fancy dress costume, providing fun and entertainment at a kid's party, or just looking to make an impression, shop face and body paint at Spotlight today.

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The Ultimate Guide To Face Painting

Face paint can be used for various occasions. You can use it for Halloween, costume parties, and other events where a dramatic look is required. At Spotlight, you can count on a full range of face and body paint.

If you are new to face and body paint, you might need some additional information about the face painting process. Be sure to read on and discover the best tips for face and body paint beginners.

What Are Essential Colours For Face And Body Painting?

Face and body paint is available in all colours these days, but some colours are more important than others. In fact, you will find that some colours are used up a lot quicker, so it is important to buy larger quantities of the most-used colours.

Black and white tend to be the most popular colours for face and body painting. Both are used for line work on the face and body, which means they are used to create an illusion. For a beginner, black and white are absolute essentials that cannot be missing from your palette.

Colours can also come in a variety of finishes, so it is likely you will use different types depending on your project. Regular face and body paints are characterised by their matte look, while metallic face paints have a unique shimmer. If you are looking for something that will interact with some UV-light, look for so-called neon face and body paints.

How Can I Save Money On Face And Body Paint?

Beginners often find that they have to obtain a large range of different colours to create the look they want to create. Buying each paint individually can be rather costly, especially if you have to buy all the colours for your collection. Fortunately, you can save some money by purchasing your face and body paints in a palate.

Face and body palettes are available in different sizes. The small palettes usually include six colours, while some of the larger ones include thirty-two. It all depends on how much you need for the look you want to create.

What Do I Use For Better Coverage?

Once you start working with face and body paint, you will notice that blending and achieving an overall smooth look can be somewhat difficult. When you become more proficient and want to improve on this, we recommend obtaining some pearly white



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