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Your Guide To Temporary Tattoos For Children

Tattoos are a great way to express yourself, but children are too young to obtain the real thing. Of course, this does not mean that children cannot benefit from tattoos, as you can get some temporary tattoos instead.

Applying temporary tattoos is quite straightforward, but younger children will certainly need some help applying a temporary tattoo. So, it is important to know how to apply temporary tattoos as a parent. If you do not know how yet, be sure to check out our guide below.

How Do I Apply A Temporary Tattoo?

To apply a temporary tattoo, you will need some temporary tattoos from Spotlight and a wet sponge. First, remove the film from the tattoo and place it face down on the skin of your child. Then, apply some pressure and use a wet sponge to allow the tattoo to transfer to the skin properly. Once this is done, wait for approximately one minute until you remove the remainder of the paper.

Can I Apply More Than One Temporary Tattoo?

Kids love a selection of different tattoos, so you can apply several at once. One of the best ways to apply various temporary tattoos is to choose a specific theme. You can choose something nautical, whimsical, or even something in a space theme.

Of course, you do not have to choose one specific theme, you could choose different things as well. If you do not work around a theme, pick some temporary tattoos that feature images your child likes, this can be animals, flowers, fairy-tale characters, and loads more. There is no limit to what you can use.

Can I Remove A Temporary Tattoo?

Most temporary tattoos can last for a little while. If your child has obtained a temporary tattoo at a birthday party, but needs to attend school the very next day, you may need a way to remove a temporary tattoo.

A simple way to remove a temporary tattoo is with some baby oil. First, add the desired amount of baby oil to the bowl. Then, take a little ball of cotton wool and dip it into the oil. Then, put the cotton ball on the temporary tattoo for a maximum of sixty seconds. Then, take another ball of clean cotton wool and wipe down the temporary tattoo easily.

How Do I Maintain A Temporary Tattoo?

Temporary tattoos can last for a considerable time, but this does not mean they cannot get dirty. For example, temporary tattoos can actually be subject to dust and other debris around the home. Therefore, it is important to keep the tattoo environment as clean as possible.

One of the ways to protect your child's temporary tattoo against dust and debris is by applying a special sealer. Sealer for temporary tattoos increases the lifespan of the tattoo and keeps its colours fresh. Of course, it also protects it against environmental factors.

Some temporary tattoos are also waterproof, so you can use a little bit of water and soap to clean the temporary tattoo. However, it is important to not rub it, as this will make the tattoo crack and fade.

Are Temporary Tattoos Safe For My Little One?

Temporary tattoos are usually perfectly safe for children, as they are made with children in mind. That being said, this does not mean that children cannot be susceptible to some of the ingredients inside temporary tattoos.

If your child has sensitive skin and has had some problems with certain soaps and shampoos, it is important to check the ingredients on the temporary tattoo. In most cases, it is also best to do a patch test on the skin before you apply the temporary tattoo. If your child has a reaction to the patch test, you should not be using the temporary tattoo at all.

Children who have allergies to regular temporary tattoos can still get their temporary tattoo through other products. You can create your own through child-safe paint, body markers, and the like. Of course, always make sure you know how to remove the tattoo easily before you apply it.

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