Costume Accessories

Costume Accessories

Looking for that one-of-a-kind fancy dress outfit?

Spotlight has an outstanding range of costumes & accessories for you to shop today.

Mix & match our costume accessories range to get Bargains Galore on Beards, Moustaches, Glasses, Gloves & so much more.

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  • Buzz Lightyear Jet Pack

    Buzz Lightyear Jet Pack

    Your child's imagination will Go to Infinity and beyond when you complete their costume with these inflatable Buzz Lightyear wings.

    Reg: $15.00

  • Minnie Mouse Click-Clack Shoes

    Minnie Mouse Click-Clack Shoes

    Minnie Mouse Click-Clack Shoes: Complete your outfit with these adorable Mini Mouse dress up shoes. Featuring Mini Mouse's iconic satin pink ribobn with white dots and a Mini Mouse character emblem, these shoes are sure to be a playtime favourite.

    Reg: $10.00

  •   Disney Fairies Tinkerbell Wand

    Disney Fairies Tinkerbell Wand

    Complete your Tinker Bell costume with this colourful wand and spread a little magic. This solid plastic wand features green tulle decoration topped with a green bow, as well as a cute Tinkerbell character art feature.

    Reg: $12.99

    VIP: $9.09

  • Pirate Hook And Sword Set

    Pirate Hook And Sword Set

    This costume set has everything you need to be a pirate. With a hook, sword, eye patch and hat, this set is essential for any costume box.

    Reg: $5.00

  • Butterfly Fairy Wand

    Butterfly Fairy Wand

    This colourful fairy wand is a perfect way to complete your fairy costume. With rainbow handle and a butterfly design, this glittery wand is sure to spark the imagination!

    Reg: $3.00

  • Party Creator Children's Mermaid Play Set

    Party Creator Children's Mermaid Play Set

    This lovely set will bring some magic and sparkle to your child's playroom. Complete with shoes, headband, necklace, rings, mermaid bag and wand, this set has everything required for an enchanting costume.

    Reg: $10.00

  • Zorro Eyemask

    Zorro Eyemask

    Protect your secret identity with this iconic Zorro eyemask. Ideal for a wide range of costumes, this fabric mask looks fantastic with the Zorro sword.

    Reg: $5.00

  • Zorro Sword

    Zorro Sword

    Leap into action with this sensational replica Zorro sword. While ideal for a variety of costumes, this item particularly suits the matching Zorro eyemask.

    Reg: $5.00

  •   Pirate Pistol

    Pirate Pistol

    Weapon of choice for pirates and highwaymen, this plastic replica flintlock pistol is a fantastic costume accessory.

    Reg: $8.99

    VIP: $6.29

  • Pirate Eye Patch & Earring

    Pirate Eye Patch & Earring

    This handy kit can transform your outfit into a pirate costume with minimal fuss. The eyepatch and clip-on earring are a simple way to add a bit of swashbuckling style to your ensemble.

    Reg: $3.00

  • Clown Set

    Clown Set

    This clown costume is just what you need gor your next costume party. Complete with wig, vest, tie and nose, this set can be worn over normal clothes for a quick and easy costume solution.

    Reg: $15.00

  • Witch Set

    Witch Set

    Get an instant witchy makeover with this fun set. Complete with hat, chin, nose and even a full set of witch fingernails, this set is a quick and easy costume solution.

    Reg: $7.00

  • Cigars With Red Tip

    Cigars With Red Tip

    This versatile accessory can put the finishing touch on a wide range of costumes, including gangster, mob boss, rich fat cat, 1920's wise guy and many more.

    Reg: $3.00

  • Wood Like Pipe

    Wood Like Pipe

    This vintage-look pipe is an essential prop for a wide range of characters including Sherlock Holmes and Popeye, and helps you to bring some sophistication to your outfit.

    Reg: $3.00

  • Pirate Earring And Eyepatch With Peephole

    Pirate Earring And Eyepatch With Peephole

    Become a pirate quickly with these finishing touches to your costume. The eye patch has a discreet peep hole to allow you less obstructed vision.

    Reg: $2.00

  • Adult Braces

    Adult Braces

    Suitable for many occasions and costume themes, these size adjustable braces are the finishing touch to your outfit.

    Reg: $10.00 - $12.99

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