Costumes & Accessories

Costumes & Accessories

Create your own unique look with our one stop accessories shop.

With a wide variety of masks, hats, wigs and many more inspirational ideas to complete your look, Spotlight's Costume and Accessories section is sure to have just the thing for your next fancy dress.

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  • Harry Potter Dress Up With Accessories

    Harry Potter Dress Up With Accessories

    Dress up as a member of Griffindor house and set off for Hogwarts with this costume set. Use the cloak to become your favourite character, or include the accessories to turn into Harry Potter himself.

    Reg: $20.00

  • Party Creator Southern Rocker Beard & Moustache

    Party Creator Southern Rocker Beard & Moustache

    Be it a lumberjack-themed costume party or a ZZ Top revival night, this moustache and beard set has you covered.

    Reg: $7.00

  • Party Creator Pop Queen Wig

    Party Creator Pop Queen Wig

    Become a starlet with this Pop Queen wig. Comforatble and affordable, this wig brings glamour to any costume.

    Reg: $10.00

  • Adult Pirate Kit

    Adult Pirate Kit

    This kit lets you turn any outfit into a pirate costume! With a stretchy skull and crossbones headband and an easy-wear eyepatch, you'll be ready for adventure in a flash.

    Reg: $7.00

  • Cowboy Set

    Cowboy Set

    Get dressed and ready for your next costume party in this fun cowboy costume. With a vest and bandanna, this set can be worn over regular clothes for a quick and easy costume solution (hat not included).

    Reg: $20.00

  • Amscan Supporter Full Face Mask

    Amscan Supporter Full Face Mask

    Go all out with your next costume and complete your look with one of these colourful masks. Available in a range of styles, these face masks are ready to be decorated.

    Reg: $3.00 - $3.49

  • Amscan Supporter Jumbo Glasses

    Amscan Supporter Jumbo Glasses

    Complete your colourful ensemble with these fantastic glasses. Available in a range of colours, these jumbo specs are sure to help you stand out from the crowd.

    Reg: $3.00 - $5.49

  • Amscan Supporter Eyelashes

    Amscan Supporter Eyelashes

    Show your colours and support your team with these packs of colourful eyelashes! Perfect for parties and costumes, these false eyelashes add some sparkle to your outfit.

    Reg: $5.00

  • Big Pimp Glasses

    Big Pimp Glasses

    Complete your 70's outfit with these colourful, over-large glasses.

    Reg: $3.00

  • Pirate Pistol

    Pirate Pistol

    Weapon of choice for pirates and highwaymen, this plastic replica flintlock pistol is a fantastic costume accessory.

    Reg: $8.99

  • Pirate Eye Patch & Earring

    Pirate Eye Patch & Earring

    This handy kit can transform your outfit into a pirate costume with minimal fuss. The eyepatch and clip-on earring are a simple way to add a bit of swashbuckling style to your ensemble.

    Reg: $3.00

  • Rabbit Ears

    Rabbit Ears

    Perfect for Easter or to finish your Roger Rabbit costume, this plush bunny ears are fun to wear all year round.

    Reg: $5.00

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