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Measure ingredients properly - as part of the preparation, measuring your ingredients accurately is a vital step. It only takes one wrong measurement to destroy the whole cake.

Invest in the right equipment - why not draw from the variety of dedicated baking supplies and accessories available to take your cake preparation to the next level?

Don't forget the decorations - in creating a cake with wow-factor, it takes more than just a cherry on top. Finish off your masterpiece with icing and some fancy embellishments to make it a cake worth remembering.

How do I make my own chocolate?

You can easily replicate the look of beautiful, store-bought chocolates by using special chocolate moulds. Simply melt your chocolate in the microwave, dispense the melted chocolate into each cavity of the mould using a piping bag (spoons can be too messy) and then release the chocolate from the cavities after it's been hardened in the fridge.

You can also use your piping bags and other chocolate making supplies, such as edible decorations, to add little details to the tops of your chocolates - think stars, flowers and stripes or other patterns.

If you wish to give your chocolates a delicious creamy or caramel centre, only half-fill the mould with melted chocolate, refrigerate then, once the chocolate is hard, pipe the room temperature filling into each cavity before topping off with the rest of the melted chocolate. Pop the mould in the fridge for a few more minutes and... voila!

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If you want to know more, our buying guides can help to select the tools required for cake decoration and how to use different toppings to decorate a cake.

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