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Everything You Need To Know About Icing Application

Icing is a brilliant way to add more flavour to any cake, but also to decorate it into your desired colour. With icing, you can also get a smoother and cleaner finish for your cake. Therefore, the application of icing is an essential skill all bakers must have. To learn everything that you need to know about icing application, be sure to read on.

Why Should Beginners Start With Ready-To-Roll Icing?

For beginners, ready-to-roll icing could be a lot easier to work with. This type of icing is easier to manipulate too, as you can easily cut it without damaging it.

Once you become more proficient with icing, you can start creating your own icing from scratch. The benefit of making your own icing is that you can change colours and taste to your preferences, without having to look for it in the store. You can also create some unusual shapes, which could certainly prove useful when you have a weirdly shaped cake.

What Is The Best Way To Apply Ready-To-Roll Icing?

If you have never worked with ready-to-roll icing before, then we can provide you with a comprehensive guide to get you started. Follow the steps below to apply some icing to your preferred cake.

Knead your icing: When you take ready-to-roll icing out of its packaging, it is not uncommon for the icing to feel a little hard and still. To ensure you can manipulate it for your needs, it is recommended to knead the icing first. Of course, do not knead it too much, as this may cause the icing to start melting from your body temperature.

Prepare the cake for application: Before you can add the icing to the cake, you must prepare the cake for icing application. There are many mediums you can use as an edible adhesive, this includes jam and buttercream. By using these ingredients, you can ensure your icing sits on the cake perfectly and that it does not come off.

Prepare your work surface: You also need to prepare your work surface for the application of icing, this is important to prevent the icing to stick to the surface instead of your cake. The best way to prepare your surface is to sprinkle some icing sugar over it. However, do not put any icing sugar on the icing, as this could ruin its consistency.

Keep the movement going: When you roll out your icing with a plastic rolling pin, you should keep the icing moving as much as you can. Leaving the icing stationary for too long can cause it to become stiff and immovable, but also increases the chance of the icing sticking to the surface.

Check the size: During the rolling process, you must ensure that the icing is large enough to cover the entirety of the cake surface. While you do not need a measuring tape to do this, you can use your plastic rolling pin to compare the size of your cake with the size of your icing.

Use your rolling pin for lifting: A common mistake by beginners is that they lift the icing by hand, but it is actually better to lift it with your rolling pin instead. Then, you can gently transfer the icing from your rolling pin to the cake without the icing falling apart.

Remove air bubbles: When you apply icing to the cake, it is important that there are no air bubbles between the cake surface and the icing. Air bubbles can make the finish less smooth and frankly does not look good. Therefore, make sure to remove air bubbles by hand by smoothing the icing over the cake surface.

Get a turntable: If you find it difficult to put icing all around your cake, it can be a good idea to acquire a turntable. By getting a turntable, you can easily turn your cake without having to handle it with your hands. It also enables easier decoration with other tools as well, this includes the piping bag.

Remove excess icing: You must remove the excess icing to get the proper finish for your cake. Take a sharp knife and remove any excess icing left after the icing application.



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