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How To Add A Printed Cake Topper

Printed cake toppers provide you with a perfect way to customise your cakes. Printed cake toppers are also known under the name icing transfer sheets or frosting sheets. You can also encounter them under the name edible cake topper.

How Do I Prepare My Cake For The Application Of My Printed Cake Topper?

Before you apply a printed cake topper, it is recommended to prepare your cake for application. Of course, a cake without anything on it will be easiest to work with. You can also use iced cakes, which also enables easier transferring.

When it comes to choosing a cake with icing, you do have to take the icing colour into consideration. Darker colours can be a lot more difficult to transfer on. If you are just starting out with icing sheet transfers, then it is best to stay away from darker icings such as chocolate and fondant.

Some cakes can also have icing that have a consistency like whipped cream, this is the case for cakes that contain cream cheese or butter. The problem with these icings is that the transfer sheet can absorb their moisture. So, if you do want to use a transfer sheet on this kind of cake, it is best to apply the transfer sheet just before you serve it.

How Do I Prepare The Icing Sheet for Application?

To prevent the icing sheet from getting damaged, it is always recommended to keep the icing sheet in its packaging for as long as possible. However, you should take it out of the packaging at least twenty minutes before application, this gives the sheet the opportunity to get a little dryer.

Once your icing sheet is dry enough, you should be able to remove it from the backing sheet relatively easily. If you are having trouble removing the icing sheet from the backing sheet, the temperature and humidity in your kitchen could be too high.

Why Is It Not Recommended To Add Moisture To An Icing Sheet?

Adding water to the icing sheet is a common mistake made by beginners. When you add water to an icing sheet, it can cause the printed colours to run out. Therefore, always make sure your fingers are completely dry and clean before touching the icing sheet.

What Is The Best Way To Store An Icing Sheet Before Its Application?

As mentioned briefly above, icing sheets should always be kept in their packaging for as long as possible. You should also keep it flat and not put any items on top, this could cause damage to the icing sheet.

In addition to keeping your icing sheet flat at all times, you should also keep it away from direct sunlight. Excessive exposure to sunlight could cause the colours on the image to fade. Even though icing sheets can last for a considerable amount of time, you should always use them within two weeks for the best possible result.

What Do I Do If I Have Trouble Removing The Icing Sheet From The Backing Sheet?

We already provided some information on how to remove the icing sheet from the backing sheet effectively, but this does not mean all applications are that straightforward. If you encounter some troubles, be sure to check our following recommendations.

If you cannot remove the icing sheet from the backing sheet, keep the sheet out for several hours. Check the sheet every half an hour, this should allow you to determine the perfect time to remove the icing sheet from the backing sheet.

Even though you can leave icing sheets out for some time, you should never leave them out overnight. If you have left the icing sheet out most of the day, you can always try loosening things up with a hair dryer. If it still does not come off, leave the icing sheet to cool down for a couple of minutes and then repeat the process.

You can also place your icing sheet in the oven for a couple of minutes. For this method, do not use a very high temperature on your oven, this could destroy your icing sheet. Once it has cooled down, pull the backing sheet over the edge of your workspace for easier separation.



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