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What Are The Most Important Cake Decorating Tools?

Cake decorating tools are essential to master the art of cake decoration. But what are the most important cake decorating tools today? Are there certain tools you absolutely need in your collection, and which ones are just a convenient addition? To find out, be sure to check out the recommendations from the Spotlight team.

What Is A Cake Leveller?

One of the most important tools in your arsenal will probably be the cake leveller. To decorate a cake properly, you must ensure the cake is as flat as possible, this applies to the top of the cake as well as its sides.

A cake leveller enables you to make a freshly baked cake flat, more specifically through the removal of any humps on the top. If you are making a stacked cake, this is a tool you will absolutely need.

Those who do not have a cake leveller in their collection are often forced to use a serrated knife for the levelling process. Of course, doing this with a serrated knife does require a tremendous amount of skill. Therefore, a cake leveller is perfect for beginners who still need to develop that skill.

What Is A Cake Slicer?

The cake slicer is another brilliant contribution to the world of cake decoration. The function of a cake slicer is quite straightforward. The slicer is a unique pan that has spaced slits on the sides. When you place the cake inside this tin, you can easily slice the cake with a dedicated knife and keep the structure of the cake intact.

Please note that there are various shapes of cake slicers available. For example, if you are baking a round cake, then you will need a round cake slicer. Of course, you can also get them in other shapes, depending on your requirements.

Most cake slicers can be adjusted in size. A cake slicer is equipped with some handles, which you can push outward to adjust the size, so it matches your cake. To ensure it fits properly, your cake should fit snugly in the slicer.

What Is A Cake Board?

Another essential cake decorating tool is the cake board. Cake boards are available in various shapes and sizes. They are meant to provide support to cakes while you move them around your kitchen. For example, when you move a cake from the cooling stand to the turntable.

Some cake decorators use a cake board to decorate their cake, this could mean not having to obtain a turntable. While a turntable makes it easier to decorate - as you can rotate the cake without much trouble during the decoration process - a cake board will do a decent job too.

When it comes to choosing the size of your cake board, it is important not to choose anything too big. A cake board should match the size of your cake, but it can also be slightly smaller. If you choose a smaller cake board, then you can easily hide the border of the board and get a better presentation for your cake overall.

What Is A Turntable?

We already mentioned the cake turntable, which has become a staple in the world of cake decoration. A cake turntable allows you to turn your cake around without having to touch it. It also allows you to apply frosting and icing a lot more smoothly, as you can control the speed yourself.

Turntables can come in various materials these days, which can influence its price and its overall maintenance. Plastic and metal are counted among the most popular materials, as they are easiest to maintain and quite affordable to boot.

What Is A Cake Spatula?

Those who are becoming quite proficient at cake decoration should consider a cake spatula. The cake spatula enables you to alter the texture of icing and frosting on your cake with the greatest precision. Therefore, the cake spatula is an indispensable tool in your personal collection.

In addition to a cake spatula, we also recommend adding a cake scraper. With a scraper, you can split bread though, but also use it for the application of icing and frosting on a large cake surface. Therefore, a combination of cake spatula and scraper will usually be best.



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