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What Are The Best Ways To Decorate A Cake?

Cake decorating may seem difficult when you have never done it before, but there are some simple ways to decorate a homemade cake as a pro. If you want to learn some of the techniques you can use with the tools available at Spotlight, be sure to check out our cake decorating overview below.

What Is The Best Way To Use Fondant?

Even if you make the best fondant yourself, it is usually best to start practicing with a ready to roll fondant. Premade fondant from the supermarket is usually easier to roll, which makes it the better choice for beginners.

To make sure you can roll your fondant without much trouble, it is advised to clean your working surface first. Once the surface is clean and dry, you can roll a lot easier. If you should get some stickiness, you can always use a little bit of icing sugar on your fondant.

What Should I Consider When Using Icing Sugar?

Icing sugar is one of the easiest cake decorating materials to work with. You can simply cover your cake with it, or you can create a special paste by mixing icing sugar with water. However, always make sure the cake has fully cooled down before applying anything like icing sugar. If the cake is still warm, it may cause your icing sugar to melt.

What Are The Top Tips For Buttercream And Frosting?

Buttercream is a cake decorating material that is very easy to prepare. All you need to make it is a little bit of butter, icing sugar, milk, and your favourite flavouring. Once you have made the buttercream, you can simply apply it with a palette knife.

A common problem during the application of buttercream is when its consistency is a little too loose. Fortunately, there is an easy way to counter this problem. Simply add a little icing sugar to your buttercream and leave it to set in the fridge for a little while. Once it has hardened a little more, you can start applying it again.

How Do I Start Making Fondant Shapes?

When you look at some designer cakes with the best fondant shapes, you may think it is something incredibly difficult to make. Still, there are plenty of templates and videos online that teach you everything you need to know.

If you are making fondant shapes for the first time, you can make them before your actual cake. Doing so gives you a little more freedom in terms of adjustments. As long as you store your fondant shape in a container, you can easily add them to your cake once it has cooled down.

What Are Good Flavour Combinations For Chocolate Decorations?

Chocolate is one of the most popular flavourings for cake decorations. You can use chocolate on its own, but you can also combine it with other popular flavours. Some flavours work remarkably well with chocolate, this includes buttercream and vanilla. So, if you want to experiment with more than one flavour, combinations with chocolate is certainly something you can try.

What Are Some Of The Easiest Decorations To Apply To Cakes?

Cakes can have numerous decorations, but some are easier to apply. If you are curious about the best and easiest decorations for your homemade cakes, be sure to check out our recommendations.

Coconut - Chocolate bars are not the only things that may contain coconut, as you can cover an entire cake in it! Simply go to your local supermarket and purchase some desiccated coconut.

Fresh fruit - If you want a hassle-free decoration, buy some fresh fruit to add to the outside of your cake. Strawberries, oranges, and even bananas are easy to apply, so they can all be options. However, when you apply them, always do it at the last minute to keep the flavours fresh.

Nuts - A selection of nuts is also a good idea for your cake decoration, but you do have to be mindful if any of your guests are suffering from allergies. Still, if nobody has a nut allergy, you can easily combine nuts with peanut butter, chocolate, or other flavours that complement your cake or the nuts you added to it.



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