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A celebration cake is not quite complete with our candles and sparklers, and we have a vast selection of fun and fabulous options available. With traditional candles, numbers 0-9 to mark a milestone, and excellent sparklers that are guaranteed to make an impression. Shop themed candles, colourful flames, perfect picks and more in our candles and sparklers range.

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Benefit Fully From The Affordable Candles & Sparkles For Birthdays!

Candles and sparkles are a great addition to a birthday cake. It does not matter how old you are, because candles and sparkles never really get old either. If you want to learn more about our range of candles and sparkles, be sure to read on.

What Kinds Of Candles And Sparkles Does Spotlight Provide?

Our catalogue offers a wide range of candles and sparkles, suitable for all age ranges. We have themed candles suitable for children's birthday parties, but also more elegant options for adults. If you want to make a cake more special, but don't want to pay too much for decorations, then Spotlight has everything you need.

How Do I Best Organise A Child's Birthday Party?

A nice selection of candles and sparkles is a great start for any child's birthday party, but there are a lot of things to think about. To ensure you have all your bases covered, be sure to check out the overview below.

Set your budget - Children's birthday parties can become expensive really quickly, unless you stick to a pre-set budget of course! With your budget, you can make some decisions in terms of venue, entertainment and even the food you will be serving. Therefore, the budget should always be the first thing you look at.

Consider your child's ideas - Your child may have a perfect idea of how they want their birthday party to look like. They may have a theme in mind, or they would love to have their party at a particular venue. Even though their choices must fit within your budget, it can give you some great ideas to work with.

Sort out the invitations - There cannot be a children's birthday party without some invitations. You can make the invitations yourself or purchase some of the affordable premade invitations at Spotlight to save time. The only thing you have to make sure is that your child distributes them to their friends at school.

Food ideas - Contrary to popular belief, you do not need a massive amount of food for a children's birthday party. After all, children do not eat as much as adults. Therefore, always take the size of foods you will be serving into consideration. Smaller snacks and sandwiches are preferred over full meals.

When it comes to food, there are many things you could add to the mix. Some basic sandwiches, snacks and cakes are usually enough, but if you are looking for other ideas, you could also serve fruit slices, mini burgers, and children's pizzas.

Choose the birthday cake - All children's birthday parties need a birthday cake. You could ask your child for some input about the theme they would like. If you are quite good at baking, then you could bake the cake yourself. You could even make it in the shape of their favourite cartoon character or something that fits in the theme of the party.

If you are not that great at baking, there is still no need to worry. After all, you can get quite affordable children's cakes in all shapes and sizes these days. Still, if you are good at baking, you could consider making something truly spectacular.

Organise small activities - To ensure the children stay entertained during the birthday party, it is always a good idea to organise some small activities to keep the children occupied. Good examples of small activities are scavenger hunts, outdoor games, or even a hired entertainer. Of course, the type of activities you choose will be subject to your budget.

Make some favour bags - Favour bags can be fun for all special occasions. They are quite common at weddings and baby showers, but they can be used for a birthday party too. Simply purchase some small goodie bags and fill them with small pieces of candy and a fun little toy. It gives children something to take home with them once the party end.

Check Out The Party Supplies At Spotlight

At Spotlight, you can count on more than just birthday candles and sparkles, we also provide a large range of birthday party supplies. If you want to get some affordable yet quality supplies for your child's birthday party, be sure to check out our catalogue today.



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