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How To Make Wedding Favours?

Wedding favours are a tradition that can be traced back to Italy four centuries ago. The traditional wedding favour consists of a lovely gift bag that contains five sugared almonds, chocolates, or another type of candy. There is a reason for the number five too, as it stands for health, wealth, fertility, happiness, and a long life.

What Can I Include In Modern Wedding Favour Bags?

While you could choose the traditional wedding favour bag, you can include all sorts of things into these bags nowadays. Here are some of the most popular items that are included in modern-day wedding favours.

Water - It is not uncommon for guests to get thirsty at weddings, especially with all the dancing. Therefore, a customised water bottle for each guest is not a bad idea.

Candy - Like the tradition, it is still appropriate to include some candy into wedding favours. While you can include everything, it could be a good idea to look at some of the local options.

A mini champagne bottle - A wedding is a large celebration, so many people include some mini champagne bottles in their favour bags. Of course, this can be a little more expensive than alternatives such as candies.

Sunscreen - This is a great idea if you are having an outdoor wedding. Some of your guests may not have thought about sun protection. By including some sunscreen in the favour bags, you ensure everyone can keep having fun.

Souvenirs - A simple wedding souvenir that your guests can keep in their home is a brilliant item to include in your favour bag too.

Which Commemorative Souvenirs Could I Include In Favour Bags?

There are countless wedding souvenirs that are affordable as well as beautiful. If you have a large budget for the favour bags, you can always choose something elaborate. However, if you are on a tight budget, why not choose a small scented candle?

If you do not have the funds for some embellished scented candles for the wedding, you can make some of your own. You can create your own candles, or simply buy some cheap scented candles and then decorate the outside of the candle yourself with gems and other small decorations.

Another affordable souvenir you could add to your favour bag is a sachet filled with potpourri. You could also include other aromatics such as essential oils or a small bottle of perfume for each guest.

If you are quite environmentally conscious, you could consider adding some seeds to the favour bags too. These seeds can be planted by your guests in their garden. If you choose something that keeps growing such as a lavender plant, they will have a memory of your wedding forever.

Should I Include Thank You Cards Inside The Favour Bags?

The happy couple traditionally send out thank you notes to their guests, thanking them for attending the wedding and the lovely presents they have bought. If you want to save yourself some time with this process, you can include the thank you notes in the favour bags instead.

When you create the thank you notes, it is always a good idea to write them by hand. Printed notes are fine, but handwritten notes are always a little more personal. Therefore, they are more appreciated by your guests too.

Should I Give Favour Bags To Children Attending The Wedding?

If there are some children who will attend the wedding, it is recommended to create some favour bags for them as well. Much like the favour bags for adults, they do not have to cost a lot. There are many affordable, small toys you can include.

Small stuffed animals, crayons, and puzzles are all popular additions for children's favour bags. However, when you choose toys to include in the favour bags, please make sure that you include toys that are age appropriate. In some cases, you may have to adjust the toys you choose for younger children. Still, stuffed toys tend to be appropriate for even the youngest kids but do make sure there are no small parts that can be swallowed by the child in question.

To easily find the children's favour bags, it can be a good idea to use favour bags in different colours.



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