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What Are The Best Ways To Cut And Shape Your Cake?

Cutting a cake may seem quite straightforward when you are about to eat it, but it can sometimes leave much to be desired when you are serving guests. Things get even more complicated when you need to cut a cake to shape it or decorate it. Therefore, you always need the right tools for the job.

At Spotlight, you can obtain various cutters and stencils to make cake decoration and preparation a whole lot easier. In addition to taking advantage of this catalogue, you can also take advantage of our pro tips below. So, be sure to read on to find the best cake-cutting techniques.

What Is The Best Way To Prepare To Cut A Cake?

Basic cutting does not require much preparation, but if you are planning to shape a cake, you often need to use a template. If the cutting method is quite complicated, then you can easily obtain a template online. Print the template and place it near your cutting stand to avoid mistakes.

What Is A Base Shape?

The base shape of a cake is the overall shape of your cake. For example, when you bake a cake in a round tin, then the cake will have a round base shape. Of course, if you are following a decorating recipe that requires an "S" or a heart shape, then you will need to cut the round cake to get the base shape you want.

Some designs can be incredibly complicated and may require more than just some cutting on the sides. In some cases, you will have to cut the cake into several parts and then put them back together to get the base shape you want.

When you create a cake shape out of several parts, it is important to always remember the stacking rules. You may need to use tools such as dowels for stability. You could also require a special cake board, which gives you some flexibility when you need to move your cake around.

Is The Recipe Important While Cutting A Cake?

The recipe can play an influence on how easy a cake is to cut. If you use a recipe that has a dense crumb on the inside, then that cake will be significantly easier to cut. Of course, cakes that have a pudding or mousse filling will be far more difficult to cut. Therefore, you should always check your recipe and ensure that it stands up to cutting.

As mentioned above, a cake with a filling can be quite difficult to cut. Things such as icing, jams, and even glazing make cutting harder. Of course, this does not mean you cannot use them whatsoever. Instead, you can apply the icing, jam, or any other filling once the cutting process has been completed.

Why Shouldn't I Cut A Cake When It Just Comes From The Oven?

When a cake comes fresh out of the oven, it is more prone to crumbling. So, when you try to cut your cake, the edges may fall apart, and the cutting will be more difficult overall. In some cases, a lot of the crumbs can stick to the knife, pulling the inside of the cake apart.

If you often have problems keeping the edges intact on your cakes, it could be an idea to freeze your cake first. Then, take the cake out of the freezer and let it defrost. When it has defrosted and is significantly cool, you can attempt the cutting process again.

What Knife Is Best For Cake Cutting?

You may already know that there are dedicated knives for cake cutting. If you do not have a cake cutting knife, you can also use a large serrated knife.

Please note that there are certain knives with unique edges, which in turn can create some patterns and unique details. Still, at the end of the day, it is most important to use a sharp knife. A dull knife can cause the cake to come apart, this in the middle as well as along the edges.

Do you still need some cutting tools for your cake? Check our catalogue for affordable cutting utensils and benefit from easier cake cutting today.



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