Laguiole Etiquette Cutlery & Salad Set Multicoloured

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The name Laguiole traditionally refers to a style of cutlery produced initially in the town of Aubrac in Southern France. Laguiole is an accepted generic term to describe this style of cutlery and accessories best.

Laguiole Etiquette is recognised for its distinctive design and colourful soul while offering superb quality at affordable prices. This French design features the Aubrac motif inspired by the traditional knives Perfect for all occasions with serving suggestions on each pack.

Laguiole Etiquette made in P.R.C that is according to the renowned French Cutlery design.

Colourful and vibrantly range of Laguiole Etiquette Cutlery & Salad Set to utilise for all occasions. Well presented in pine wood boxing. Dishwasher safe.

Care Instructions
This cutlery is manufactured only for the purpose for which it was intended.

The ABS handles are food safe.

Inspect the cutlery post a drop or an accidental mishandling.

While stainless steel cutlery is highly resistant to staining and corrosion, even the finest alloys will suffer if corrosive food chemicals, common salts (present in tap water), vinegar, eggs, some harsh detergents and bleaches are not removed by proper washing, rinsing and drying procedures.

Please note the following care instructions for the safe use and to prolong the life of your cutlery:

1. Before using your cutlery for the first time, we recommend that you wash it in hot water using a mild washing up liquid followed by a thorough rinse and prompt drying with a soft cloth

2. Avoid leaving your cutlery unwashed for prolonged periods after use as sour or acidic foods may cause discolouration and even corrosion.

3. Following the dishwashing cycle remove your cutlery and hand dry. Harsh detergents and salts left undried on the surface of the cutlery may cause Discolouration and Pitting. Be sure to follow the dishwasher's manufacturer's instructions.

4. Knife blades are made of a particular grade of Stainless Steel to enable a high-Quality cutting edge. It is especially important to dry knives after washing to preserve the finish.

5. Never leave salt or food on dirty cutlery, always rinse off immediately after use and before placing in the dishwasher. Never leave cutlery to soak for long periods of time.

6. When hand washing, use warm water with added soap or liquid detergent and rinse thoroughly and dry immediately with a soft cloth.

Country Of Origin
Made In China.
Abs & Steel
24 piece Cutlery Set (6 x Table Knife, 6 x Table Fork, 6 x Table Spoon & 6 x Teaspoon)

2 piece Salad Server Set (1 x Salad Fork & 1 x Salad Spoon)
Dishwasher Safe
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