Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Appliances

Shop Spotlights Kitchen Appliances category to ease & enhance your cooking experience today!

Choose from our range of Kettles, Toasters, Food Processors, Electric Cookers, Coffee Machines, Blenders, Juicers & much more all at Spotlights great low prices.

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  • Wiltshire Electric Salt & Pepper Grinders

    Wiltshire Electric Salt & Pepper Grinders

    Bring your dining setting into the 21st century with these electric salt and pepper grinders. Their stainless steel casing features a brushed finish for a look that will suit any kitchen.

    Was: $40.00

    Now: $24.00

  • IMK Professional Digital Blender

    IMK Professional Digital Blender

    The IMK Professional Digital Blender features an LCD digital controller and a powerful 600W motor that will pulse ice with ease. This blender includes four programs to suit all your requirements: puree, cream, stir and grind.

    Reg: $70.00

  • IMK Professional 4 Slice Toaster

    IMK Professional 4 Slice Toaster

    This durable dual-slice toaster features adjustable browning control with 6 settings, reheat, cancel, and defrost settings and push out crumb tray for easy cleaning. The brushed stainless steel housing makes this toaster look marvellous in any kitchen....

    Reg: $35.00

  • Silverstone Open Skillet

    Silverstone Open Skillet

    The Silverstone Open Skillet has a ceramic non-stick coating for easy food release and a healthier cooking experience. The contoured soft grip handle on the open skillet is suitable for all cooktops that includes induction.

    Was: $30.00

    Now: $24.00

  • Silverstone Open Skillet

    Was: $25.00

    Now: $24.00

  • IMK Professional Soup Maker

    IMK Professional Soup Maker

    Easy to use soup maker, the IMK Professional Soup Maker is a must have in your kitchen. Simple yet efficient, this is an essential tool for creating your favourite soup recipes!

    Reg: $85.00

  • IMK Pro Illuminating Glass Kettle

    IMK Pro Illuminating Glass Kettle

    Matched with a stunning illumination, the IMK Pro Illuminating Glass Kettle will rapidly boil water like never before.

    Reg: $60.00

  • IMK Pro Mix Master

    IMK Pro Mix Master

    The IMK Pro SLFM770 Mix Master is the ultimate kitchen appliance for home bakers.

    Reg: $75.00

  • IMK Pro Electric Banquet Fry Pan

    IMK Pro Electric Banquet Fry Pan

    The IMK Pro SLEF085 Electric Banquet Fry Pan is optimally engineered to evenly cook your meals, ensuring even heat distribution on the cooking surface.

    Reg: $30.00

  • IMK Pro Slow Cooker

    IMK Pro Slow Cooker

    Enhance the delicate flavours of your favourite slow cook recipes with the IMK Pro SLSC755 Slow Cooker.

    Reg: $50.00

  • IMK Pro Rice Cooker

    IMK Pro Rice Cooker

    Cook rice with ease with the IMK Pro SLRC505 Rice Cooker. Enjoy perfectly cooked rice each and every time, maximising a light and fluffy finish to accompany any meal!

    Reg: $20.00

  • IMK Professional Family Health Grill

    IMK Professional Family Health Grill

    Make sure you and your family eat delicious and healthy meals at home with the IMK Professional Family Health Grill! Healthy food doesn't have to be boring! With endless recipes to explore with this health grill, start getting creative in the kitchen with the easy to use IMK Professional Family ...

    Reg: $119.99

  • Davis & Waddell Pizza Oven

    Davis & Waddell Pizza Oven

    Prepare your favourite pizza recipes in the comfort of your own home with the Davis & Waddell Pizza Oven. Have your pizza cooked in minutes, as you say goodbye to takeaway pizza for good! Delicious gourmet pizza, cooked to perfection, just the way you like. Soon to become an essential in your kitche...

    Reg: $129.99

  • IMK Professional Bread Maker

    IMK Professional Bread Maker

    Enjoy warm and freshly prepared bread right in the comfort of your own home with the IMK Professional Bread Maker! Easy to use and clean, this bread maker will become a kitchen essential in your home.

    Reg: $99.99

  • IMK Pro Colour 2 Slice Sandwich Press

    IMK Pro Colour 2 Slice Sandwich Press

    The IMK Pro Colour 2 Slice Sandwich Press allows you to make your favourite toasted sandwiches conveniently at home. The adjustable height dial secures the height of the top plate for open cheese melts, and a floating hinge system remains flat on the thickest of sandwiches and rolls. Available in a ...

    Reg: $35.00 - $54.99

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Can I purchase kitchen appliances at Spotlight?

Yes, if you are looking for new kitchen appliances, you have come to the right place! Here at Spotlight, we stock a huge range of different kitchen appliances to make your life easier in the kitchen, from everyday items such as kettles, mixers and toasters right through to more specialist items such as ice cream makers and popcorn makers.

Are food processors included in this range?

Yes, food processors and different types of mixers are included in the kitchen appliances range. We stock different brands of food processors, from small compact models to large food processors with many different features including chopping, blending, mixing, slicing, grinding and juicing. As well as hand mixers, we also have a number of stick mixers in the range, ideal for liquidising soups or sauces quickly and easily, as well as a professional meat slicer.

What types of kettles are available at Spotlight?

Kettles are very hardworking items in most households since they are used numerous times every day. If the time comes for you to buy a new kettle, take a look at the various options on offer. You can save energy by not boiling more water than you actually need, so many kettles now allow you to see how much water is in the kettle before switching it on. Others may have other useful features such as being cordless, or will come in different colours to match your kitchen interior. Small, compact kettles are ideal for small households or to take along as travel kettles.

What else is popular in the kitchen appliances range at Spotlight?

Many people are trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle, This means there is a lot of interest in our various blenders and juicers, that make it possible for you to make your own juices, shakes, smoothies and other health drinks quickly and easily at home. This means you can make drinks at a fraction of the cost of ready-made drinks, and using exactly those ingredients that you want to. Some even come with extra blending cups and containers to store your finished drinks in.

Is there anything else you recommend in the kitchen appliances range?

Families with children may be interested in the clever and compact pizza makers that are available at Spotlight. It makes deliciously crisp pizzas in a matter of minutes and everyone can have their favourite toppings without the hassle of waiting for a delivery. For holidays, why not check out our great items such as the popcorn maker (great for kids parties or home movie nights) that can make sweet or salted popcorn, or the mini ice-cream maker, which will let you make ice-cream with only those ingredients that you want to have included.

Is there anything else that I should know?

There are many more useful and clever kitchen appliances available here at Spotlight, including sandwich makers, milkshake makers, bread makers, slow cookers, microwave rice steamers to name but a few. Browse the whole range to see what Spotlight has to offer for your kitchen today!