Kitchen & Dining

Kitchen & Dining

Spotlight's kitchen and dining range covers everything from appliances to sauce bottles. Our full range of cooking and serving implements is for sale!

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  •   WAM Restaurant Tablecloth

    WAM Restaurant Tablecloth

    Dine in style with this gorgeous restaurant tablecloth. The classic woven pattern and subtle texture turns any meal into an event.

    Was: $44.99 - $49.99

    Now: $31.49 - $34.99

  •   WAM Hotel Quality Tablecloth

    WAM Hotel Quality Tablecloth

    Create a restaurant-style look in your dining room with this luxurious-looking tablecloth. Made from high-quality cotton, its fresh and crisp appearance is sure to appeal.

    Was: $49.99 - $69.99

    Now: $34.99 - $48.99

  •   WAM Hotel Tablecloth

    WAM Hotel Tablecloth

    Made from crisp cotton, this generously-sized cloth is machine-washable for simple cleaning, and will give your dining table restaurant-style class.

    Was: $54.99

    Now: $38.49

  •   Wiltshire Cooling Rack

    Wiltshire Cooling Rack

    Bring out the baker in you with this fantastic non-stick cooling rack, ideal for holding both large and small cakes flat as they cool. Easy clean surface and dishwasher safe.

    Was: $24.99

    Now: $14.99

  •   Wiltshire Stellar Heavy Duty Petite Roaster

    Wiltshire Stellar Heavy Duty Petite Roaster

    This sturdy enamel roaster is perfect for whipping up a family roast in a small oven, for barbecuing or camping. The scratch-resistant glass coating makes serving and clean up easy.

    Was: $29.99

    Now: $17.99

  •   Wiltshire Stellar Heavy Duty Family Roaster

    Wiltshire Stellar Heavy Duty Family Roaster

    This large roasting pan is made from a sturdy enamel and coated in highly scratch-resistant glass, making serving and clean up easy. This deep pan is perfect for family roasts, and its lightweight materials make it perfect for camping and barbecuing....

    Was: $39.99

    Now: $23.99

  •   D.Line Silicon Pastry Mat

    D.Line Silicon Pastry Mat

    This silicone pastry mat is fantastically versatile. Its non-stick qualities allow for easy serving, while the guideline measures assist in rolling out dough and pie crust. This mat can be used in the oven as a non-stick substitute for a baking sheet or fatty butter and sprays....

    Was: $34.99

    Now: $20.99

  •   IMK Non Stick Frypan

    IMK Non Stick Frypan

    This large frypan features a bakelite handle for cool touch comfort and non stick interior for low fat cooking and easy cleaning. Suitable for electric, gas, and halogen stoves, the well-constructed base ensures even heat distribution.

    Was: $13.99 - $18.99

    Now: $8.39 - $11.39

  •   IMK 30 Cm Non Stick Frypan

    IMK 30 Cm Non Stick Frypan

    Come and experience the joy of cooking with us! This IMK 30 Cm Non Stick Frypan is definitely a great addition to your kitchen essentials. Easy to use, clean, and made from durable material that lasts, shop with us!

    Was: $21.99

    Now: $13.19

  • IMK Non Stick Jumbo Frypan

    IMK Non Stick Jumbo Frypan

    This large frypan is perfect for cooking meals for the whole family. With a bakelite handle that remains cool to touch, a non-stick coating and even heat distribution, this easy-clean pan is suitable for electric, gas and halogen stove tops.

    Was: $20.00

    Now: $12.00

  • IMK Wok

    IMK Wok

    With a heavy duty body and non stick inside and out, this easy clean wok is suitable for electric, halogen, gas and ceramic cooktops.

    Was: $15.00

    Now: $6.00

  • Mundial Knife Block Set 7 Piece

    Mundial Knife Block Set 7 Piece

    Mundial Knife Block Set 7 Piece: This quality set of knives comes complete with chefs scissors and wooden knife block.

    Was: $65.00

    Now: $48.00

  • Saute Mixing Bowl

    Saute Mixing Bowl

    With its anti-skid base, this durable stainless steel Saute Mixing Bowl will stay firmly in place while you mix ingredients, and its classically stylish design makes it an attractive kitchenware option.

    Was: $3.00 - $6.00

    Now: $3.00 - $5.00

  •   D.Line Ceramic Pie Weights

    D.Line Ceramic Pie Weights

    Get the perfect pie crust with this set of ceramic pie weights. Use these weights to achieve a crisper, flatter crust for your pies, tarts and quiches.

    Was: $11.99

    Now: $8.39

  •   D.Line Deluxe Can Opener

    D.Line Deluxe Can Opener

    Power your way through opening cans of every shape and size with this durable can opener, featuring sharp cutting blade, ergonomic handles and a sturdy operating wheel.

    Was: $19.99

    Now: $13.99

  •   D.Line Mini Food Tongs

    D.Line Mini Food Tongs

    These mini tongs are beautiful and practical, with sturdy stainless steel handles and serrated tips for safe food handling.

    Was: $5.99

    Now: $4.19

  •   Wiltshire Essentials Metal Skewers

    Wiltshire Essentials Metal Skewers

    Create mouth-watering kebabs whenever you want with these metal skewers. With varying sizes to suit meat, veggie or fruit kebabs, this set is safe for the oven, frypans and barbecues.

    Was: $4.99

    Now: $3.49

  •   Wiltshire Essentials Splatter Screen

    Wiltshire Essentials Splatter Screen

    Forget scrubbing fat splatter off your stovetop. This handy splatter guard keeps everything in the pan as you fry and cleans easily afterwards, keeping your cooker pristine.

    Was: $12.99

    Now: $9.09

  •   D.Line Magnetic Gas Level Indicator

    D.Line Magnetic Gas Level Indicator

    This fantastic magnet will change the way you barbecue. This gas level indicator simply sticks to your barbecue gas barrel and lets you know when it is time to get a refill so you won't get caught short next time you are entertaining.

    Was: $9.99

    Now: $6.99

  •   D.Line Stainless Steel Flour Sifter

    D.Line Stainless Steel Flour Sifter

    Perfect for sifting air into your flour for the lightest of cakes, or adding a dusting of icing sugar, this stainless steel sifter with spring-loaded control makes baking a breeze.

    Was: $29.99

    Now: $20.99

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