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How To Clean the Common Household Items You Use The Most?

Salt and pepper grinders are some of our most popular household items. After all, you use them daily to add salt and pepper to your food. But how do you keep common household items such as these maintained? Go through our convenient cleaning and maintenance guide to find out!

How to Clean a Coffee Maker?

One of the items that often needs the most attention inside your kitchen is the coffee maker. You can make several cups of coffee a day, but do you worry about the residue that is left behind after several uses? If so, then it is important to maintain your coffee maker on a regular basis.

Coffee makers are susceptible to an accumulation of minerals, which leave a deposit and may cause discolouration and other problems. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to clear your coffee maker of any mineral deposits, more specifically vinegar and denture tablets.

Some people use denture tablets and water to dissolve any mineral deposits. Since they clean and disinfect, they will do the same thing when you use them in your coffee maker. Simply make sure your coffee maker is empty and fill the water reservoir. Add two denture tablets and let it run through. Just don't forget to run a water cycle at least two times when you are done.

Of course, vinegar is the tried and tested method to remove stains and residue from the inside of your coffee maker. Instead of denture tablets, you can use a mixture of one part water and one part vinegar and let it run through your coffee maker for a quick clean. You will need to rinse it at least twice to get rid of any vinegar smells though.

How to Clean a Salt and Pepper Grinder?

One of the items that is often forgotten during a regular maintenance is the common household salt and pepper grinder. Even though it is used often, it is not or hardly ever cleaned.

Just like the cleaning method for the coffee maker, there are a bunch of methods to clean a salt and pepper grinder. First, you want to take a bowl and fill it with some warm water and a single teaspoon of antibacterial soap. Next, place the grinder in the bowl and leave it to soak for fifteen minutes. Once the bacterial residue has loosened, grab the grinder from the bowl and rinse it well with some warm water.

Since salt and pepper grinders can have quite the intricate design, you may need a small cleaning tool to remove grime and dirt from small nooks and crannies. Once it is thoroughly rinsed, simply leave the shaker on some kitchen paper and let it rest until completely dry. When it is dry, you can refill it with either salt or pepper.

How to Clean a Toaster?

For those among us who are obsessed about cleaning, the toaster can be a cause of concern. Due to the design of the modern toaster, it is harder than ever to get those breadcrumbs from the bottom of the toaster. While turning and shaking the toaster while upside down can dislodge some, most people find that many breadcrumbs remain.

If you have an issue with breadcrumbs yourself, you can use a simple hairdryer to remove them. Make sure to unplug your toaster first and then plug in the hairdryer. Use the air to blow the breadcrumbs out of the toaster.

Naturally, it is not as easy to clean the bottom of a toaster, as it is hidden underneath the main construction of the toaster. If this bothers you, keep in mind that some manufacturers make toasters with a removable tray. In other words, you can remove the tray from the toaster to remove crumbs and to clean it.

What Are Popular and Natural Cleaning Products?

Don't like to use chemicals to clean your common household items? Well, you will be surprised to learn there are some natural cleaning products you can use to clean some of the common household items we mentioned earlier.

White vinegar: Vinegar is a common cleaning product that is gaining in mainstream popularity. The miracle ingredient can disinfect, degrease, and even remove stains. So, there are countless applications for a simple bottle of vinegar inside your home.

Baking soda: Need something that is a little more abrasive to clean household items or a nasty stain? If so, you could consider baking soda instead. Baking soda is also a deodorizer, which means you can use it remove all kinds of odours from carpets and fabrics. There are also many ways to create natural home deodorizers with some simple baking soda and essential oils. In other words, you can use this more natural cleaning product for countless things.



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