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Spotlight's Cutlery Buying Guide

Cutlery is an essential for every household. If you are about to move into your first home, then cutlery is bound to be on your list. Or maybe you are looking at a selection of cutlery as a wedding present? No matter which of these options applies to you, we are sure you will find our cutlery buying guide useful.

What Is the Difference Between Normal and Formal Cutlery?

Most people do not have to worry about formal cutlery for their home, unless they are throwing the occasional fancy dinner party. Formal cutlery is commonly used in restaurants. So, instead of the regular dinner knife and dinner fork, it will also include options such as butter knives, fish knives, fish forks, and the like. Still, for the purpose of this article, we will limit ourselves to the regular options for your home.

Which Type Of Material Is Best For Cutlery?

You will find that most cutlery these days is made from stainless steel. That being said, not all stainless steel is the same, as they can be made with additional materials such as chrome and nickel. If you have someone in your household with a nickel allergy, these differences become very important.

To help you understand the different stainless-steel materials you can come across, here are the two most common materials used in cutlery manufacturing and their differences.

18/10 stainless steel cutlery - When you come across this number for stainless steel cutlery, it means it is made from a material that contains 18% chromium and 10% nickel. So, this type of cutlery is not suitable for someone with nickel allergies. However, there are some additional advantages people should be aware of.

18/10 cutlery can be more expensive than the alternative, but it is characterised by a much brighter finish. This kind of cutlery almost sparkles, so it can be the preferred choice for anyone who likes to have the fancier cutlery.

In addition to its lustrous appearance 18/10 cutlery tends to have more durability too due to the nickel content. Nickel can protect the material against corrosion, which means that this type of cutlery tends to last a little longer.

18/0 stainless steel cutlery - This is the alternative for anyone with a nickel allergy. When you encounter this number on cutlery, it means it contains 18% chromium but no nickel. While it is a suitable alternative for nickel allergy sufferers, this kind of material can be subject to staining. That being said, the material is more affordable than the 18/10 cutlery.

Which Cutlery Set Is Best?

The cutlery set you will buy depends greatly on what you need. For example, someone who is buying cutlery for their child will need something completely different than a couple who is moving into their first home. To ensure you pick the right option, here is an overview of the most common sets you can encounter.

The cutlery box set - This set is usually recommended as a wedding present or for a young couple looking for their first cutlery set for their new home. You can find these sets in various qualities and for different prices. So, you will have no problems finding something to fit your budget.

The accessory set - Accessory sets contain more specialist cutlery pieces, this may include cheese knives, butter knives, dessert forks and the like. In other words, they tend to contain the more formal cutlery we discussed earlier. While a couple is not likely to buy this for their first home, it is an excellent wedding present or anniversary gift.

The children's cutler set - Eating with adult cutlery can be difficult for young children, so parents often purchase children's cutlery. Much like the box set, these sets tend to differ in value and material. Some are so valuable, they can be passed down to the next generation. So, it is important to distinguish between its memento value and its functionality.

Cutlery At Spotlight

Do you need some quality cutlery or even a cutlery set, but no idea where to find one? Look no further than Spotlight! At Spotlight, we stock cutlery sets for affordable prices without compromising on quality. So, whether you need a set of your own or buying a wedding present, be sure to check out all the options!



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