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How To Select The Perfect Tablecloth For Your Home

Tablecloths are frequently used inside our homes. You could be using one every day to protect your table, or you may only get them out for special occasions. Whichever reason it may be, choosing a tablecloth requires some careful consideration. Let us look at some of the materials you could choose from and which benefits they deliver.

When Should I Use Satin Tablecloths?

Satin tablecloths are not the best choice for everyday use, as they are a little more expensive than the other options we are about to mention. However, they are a brilliant choice for special formal occasions. If you are known for your epic dinner parties or formal festivities, then a satin tablecloth cannot be missing from your collection.

It may surprise you to learn that satin tablecloths are made of cotton, which is a relatively inexpensive material. However, satin is made with a different weave method - this provides the material with a superior shine and softness.

Many high-end restaurants use so-called satin band tablecloths for their tables, as they have a luxurious and distinguished look. While they cost more than the average tablecloth, it is the most stunning option for all formal occasions.

What Are The Advantages Of Cotton Tablecloths?

Whether you are looking for something casual or elegant, cotton tablecloths can meet all these requirements. However, the design of cotton tablecloths can vary considerably. If you are thinking of using one for a formal occasion, always make sure that the design matches.

Cotton is a natural fabric fibre providing numerous advantages. Firstly, the material does not hold onto odours, which is a big plus for tablecloths that are often used at dinner parties. In addition to that, cotton does not cause any static either, which is bound to be appreciated by your guests.

While the basic cotton tablecloth may not look as special as its satin equivalent, you can get cotton tablecloths in an amazing range of designs these days. So, do not hesitate to browse around a little to find something sophisticated and distinguished for your formal gatherings. Of course, you can also find many options that are suitable for everyday use.

What Are The Most Cost-Effective Tablecloths?

If you find yourself on a budget, you may be wondering what the most affordable and cost-effective tablecloths are. The answer can be found in manmade materials such as polycotton and polyester.

As the name already indicates, polycotton tablecloths are made from polyester and cotton. This combination between a manmade material and natural fibre provides lots of durability benefits, making polycotton tablecloths the best choice for daily use.

Polycotton tablecloths can also have formal applications, but only if you choose the right design. Of course, since they are resistant to most signs of wear and tear, you are bound to use them for a considerable time in the future.

When you want the most affordable option possible, it is time to look at polyester tablecloths. Polyester tablecloths are fully made of polyester, the manmade material known for its durability. They are popular for everyday use but can also be found in some restaurants.

Can I Get A Tablecloth That Does Not Need Washing?

If you like to use a tablecloth daily, but do not like to fact you have to throw it in the washing machine all the time, you could find a solution in the form of the PVC tablecloth. PVC tablecloths are durable, thick and can be wiped of with a simple damp cloth. This also means you do not have to wash them in the washing machine!

PVC tablecloths have many applications aside from use inside the home. They are used in some pubs and cafes to protect the tables underneath, but also in care homes. As these tablecloths are quite popular, you can find them in a range of special designs too.

How Do I Measure For My Tablecloth?

To get the recommended size for your tablecloth, you need to measure the length and the width of your table surface. Then, sit at your table and measure the distance between your legs and the table. This distance needs to be added to all four sides of your measurements. By doing this, you can determine the appropriate 20 cm overhang for your tablecloths.

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