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How To Use The Table Runners From Spotlight

Never used a table runner before, but like the look of it for your dining table at home. If so, be sure to check out the convenient guide to table runners from Spotlight. With our convenient guide, you will be using your new table runner like a pro in no time.

Should I Place A Table Runner According To Length Or Width?

You can do both. Of course, it does depend on the overall size of your table runner. If you want to place it over the length of your table, then you should measure the length of your table to determine the size of your table runner. Your table runner should always be a little larger than the overall length of your table.

When you place your table runner across the width of your table, be sure to pick the thinner table runner for this purpose. If the table runner is too wide, it will destroy the look and make your design fall apart.

If you decide to use the width method, make sure that any plates and cutlery you lay on the table align with your table runner. Any serious deviations will stand out like a sore thumb, and the table might look less inviting for your dinner guests.

Can I Combine A Table Runner With A Tablecloth?

A table runner can be placed on a bare table, but it can also be combined with a tablecloth. However, when you use a table runner with a tablecloth, always make sure that the edges of the tablecloth coincide with the edges of your table runner.

Of course, there can be some exceptions to the rule. If you want to add a little texture to the table, you can use a table runner that is considerably shorter than your tablecloth. Please be aware that this should only be done for casual occasions, as it is not suitable for a formal table setting.

Can I Use A Table Runner On A Round Table?

You can. The only downside to using a table runner on a round table is that the measurements for it can be a little complicated. While there is no predetermined rule in terms of size, you still must take the length of the table runner into consideration.

What Table Runner Should I Select?

That depends on your interior or venue. Some customers obtain table runners for a special occasion, which means they will go onto tables in a venue. If this is the case, then you must consider the interior of your venue before you decide on colour. The type of occasion you purchase the table runners for is also important. While birthdays can do with something a little less formal, weddings and anniversaries might benefit from something a little more elegant.

When you are searching for formal table runners, it is a good idea to look at materials such as satin, polyester and silk. You may notice that these options are quite diverse where look and price is concerned, so there is something to match everyone.

For those casual occasions, or simply to give your table a bit of a decorated look, you should choose the cotton table runner. Cotton table runners are available in all sorts of patterns and colours, guaranteeing there will be a suitable choice for your interior.

Can I Use A Centrepiece On A Table Runner?

Most certainly. In fact, adding centrepieces or decorations on top of a table runner is recommended. If you want to make your table blend better with your interior or make it stand out a little bit more, a table runner with a nice decoration will go a long way.

One of the advantages of using a decoration on top of a table runner is that you can change it according to the seasons. During the Christmas months, you can choose a Christmas-themed decoration. The same applies to autumn and summer, which are usually associated with their own set of decorations such as pinecones, flowers and more. If you are quite creative to begin with, you can also make these decorations yourself from scratch.

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