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Top Money-Saving Tips For Parties

Saving money is a difficult thing to do, especially when you have a party to organise. Fortunately, you can count on Spotlight and its affordable range of party supplies to save you some serious money. To discover our top tips, be sure to read on.

What Is The Best Way To Save Money On Plates And Cutlery?

One of the best ways to save some serious money is by using disposable plates and cutlery. Buying genuine plates and cutlery can be quite expensive for large parties, so you can save a lot more cash by using disposables.

At Spotlight, you can find a large catalogue packed with disposable cutlery as well as plates and cups. Of course, we offer quality disposable plates and cutlery for a minimal price, so you can save as much as possible on your disposables too.

How Do I Save Money On The Food For Parties?

There are many things that can be a serious investment for parties, but one of the main expenses is usually the food. Nevertheless, you can plan a great party for a minimal amount of money and still feed your guests.

One of the best ways to save cash on party food is to limit the use of meat in party foods. Meat tends to be the most expensive part of a party spread, so being a little more creative with your recipe can do the trick. Choose something as simple as a margarita pizza is the solution.

When margarita pizza is not really what you are looking for, you could consider a pot luck instead. Pot lucks are affordable and you could ask your guests to bring some food too. It also enables your guests to contribute to the party in their own way, without you needing to make a large investment.

In addition to food, you also need to think about the drink you will be serving. Children's parties are usually quite affordable to cater for, but adult parties usually require some alcohol. Evidently, alcoholic drinks can be more expensive.

To avoid having to buy a large variety, it can help to create a signature drink for your party. By creating a signature drink, you grab the attention of your guests without spending a fortune.

How Can I Reduce The Price Of Party Invitations?

At Spotlight, you can find a range of affordable invitations for all your party needs. Another affordable alternative is to use electronic invitations, although there is no guarantee that everyone reads their email daily. So, if you use electronic invitations, be sure to send them beforehand.

Some people use social media for their party invitations. Once again, always consider that some people may have an inactive Facebook account. So, if you do not receive a response on social media, be sure to send a paper one just in case.

How To Save Money On Party Decorations?

Party decorations are affordable, providing you know where to look. Choosing the right party decorations can also save cash, especially if you choose affordable options such as latex balloons.

Spotlight provides you with an extensive range of affordable decorations. When you are on a budget, we recommend choosing some of our multipacks, this includes multipacks with latex balloons, honeycomb decorations, and more.

Lighting also falls under the party decorations umbrella. Of course, not all party lights are affordable. If you want to set the ambience within your budget, then choose some affordable lamps and candles. Even something as simple as tea lights can create the right party atmosphere.

Please note that candles should be avoid for children's parties, as they can easily be knocked over. Instead, choose safer artificial lighting such as LED's. Children's parties should be properly lighted as well, as this is functional lighting that enables parents to keep a close eye on the kids during the children's party.

Affordable Party Decorations And Party Supplies

As we mentioned a few times already, Spotlight has an amazing collection of party decorations and party supplies. If you are looking for supplies to fit your budget and the type of party you are throwing, you are bound to find them here.



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