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The Ultimate Lunch Box Buying Guide

Spotlight provides an outstanding range of lunch boxes, enabling you to find the perfect options for yourself or your children. But what are some of the things you need to keep in mind when you select a lunch box from our range? Read on to discover the ultimate lunch box buying guide from Spotlight.

What Is A Suitable Lunch Box For People With Food Allergies?

When you select a lunch box for someone with food allergies, you have to take special care. After all, the food cannot come in contact with any allergens. To ensure this does not happen, be sure to choose a lunch box with a vacuum lid, this ensures that the food inside stays separated from any allergens in the environment.

You can also choose a lunch box with a bigger capacity. Doing so allows you to wrap all food items individually, protecting them further against the allergens in question. However, if you are packing a lunch box for a child with allergies, be sure to talk to them about food safety as well.

Which Lunch Box Could Hold Liquid Foods?

Most lunch boxes these days come with a bunch of compartments, so it is no wonder that many people like to take some pudding, flan, or even their favourite rice pudding. Of course, not all lunch boxes will be designed to take liquid foods.

For liquid foods, you need a lunch box with a so-called silicone, vacuum lid. The lid will seal completely around the lunch box and prevent any liquids from escaping. However, this function alone does not allow you to pack both liquid and dry foods in the same lunch box.

In addition to a silicone, vacuum lid, you can also find lunch boxes with a dedicated section for liquids. So, you could pack dry and liquid food in the same lunch box. There are even options for soups these days. If you have your heart set on liquid food for lunch, they are well worth looking for.

What Is The Difference Between A Snack Box And A Lunch Box?

Many people confuse a lunch box with a snack box. This is no real surprise, because they can look remarkably similar!

Lunch boxes usually have a large compartment and possibly two to three smaller compartments on the side. The snack box has four to six compartments of equal size. They are usually meant to store fruit pieces, crisps, nuts, or other small snacks.

When you decide to purchase a snack box for yourself, keep in mind that not all snack boxes are leak proof. So, if you want to add a pudding to your snack box, be sure that you have a box with a leak-proof lid to match your requirements.

What Is BPA And What Does It Have To Do With Lunch Boxes?

Some materials used for lunch boxes contain a compound called BPA. The abbreviation BPA stands for bisphenol A. It is a chemical that is used in the production of certain plastics, so you will find it in certain food containers, toiletries, and even baby bottles.

Many manufacturers start to avoid BPA in their products these days. There has been some discussion if the compound could be harmful. Some scientists claim that the compound could act like the oestrogen hormone and can therefore counteract certain bodily processes. On the other hand, there is an equal number of scientists that do not agree. Nevertheless, you will find both BPA and BPA-free food containers, lunch boxes and snack boxes these days.

The Lunch Box Selection Available At Spotlight

There are plenty of lunch boxes at Spotlight that will meet your specific requirements. Our range contains full-blown lunch bags, which can hold your lunch but also essentials such as your cell phone and wallet. We have snack boxes, bite boxes, and even freezer containers to ensure you find the perfect option for yourself or someone else. Of course, we provide plenty of regular lunch boxes too!

If you require more accessories for your lunches, be sure to check out some of the other categories on our website. No matter which category you shop in at Spotlight, we can guarantee you will always find an amazing deal.



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