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A Guide To Choosing Your Kitchen Linen

We use a lot of linens in our kitchen daily, so much so we hardy ever notice anymore. When you need to hit the shops to replace your current linens, you may be wondering what kind of kitchen linen you need. Or maybe you have some questions about the kitchen linens available to you. Whichever it is you need, Spotlight's guide to choosing kitchen linen is bound to help.

What Are The Types Of Kitchen Linen I Need In My Home?

In general, there are three types of kitchen linen that most kitchens should have. These includes a set of tea towels, polishing cloths and cleaning cloths.

Tea towels: The classic tea towel is used for many things in the current day kitchen. As they are used across the world, you can find them in many shapes, sizes and designs. Tea towels are mainly used to dry dishes and glasses or perform some other small drying tasks in the kitchen. As such, your tea towels should be made from an absorbent material and be durable to boot.

Polishing cloths: A nice selection of polishing cloths can be present in many kitchens, but not everyone needs them. If you have some wooden furniture in your kitchen, then a polishing cloth is essential.

The polishing cloth is a true master of dust removal when it comes to wooden furniture. They are often used to shine up jewellery pieces too, which means they have applications outside of the kitchen too.

Cleaning cloths: The final and probably most important among the kitchen linens is the cleaning cloth. Much like tea towels, cleaning cloths come in all kinds of shapes and materials, depending on the specific cleaning task they are designed for. You can do a lot with a good set of cleaning cloths, from cleaning your kitchen surfaces to your windows and even floors.

What Materials Are Used To Make Tea Towels?

Most kitchen towels are either made from linen or cotton. Each of these materials has its benefits, although they both do a really good job. Still, you might prefer one of these materials once you learn their benefits.

Linen is one of the most popular materials for tea towels as they do not leave linen behind when you dry your dishes. The material also absorbs liquids rapidly, while drying quick too. And since linen has soft fabric fibres, you do not have to worry when you dry those valuable pieces of fine china.

Of course, lots of tea towels are made from cotton too these days. Like linen, cotton absorbs water like no other. In fact, some manufacturers even include a special design in their cotton tea towels, which ensures they can absorb even more water and can therefore be used for much longer.

How Do I Maintain My Tea Towels?

The maintenance of your tea towels is quite straightforward, but there are a few golden rules to think about. One of the main rules is never use fabric conditioner when you wash tea towels in the washing machine. Using fabric conditioner may reduce the absorbency of your fabric, making them less effective at soaking up water while you dry.

To maximise the functionality of your tea towels, experts recommend placing your tea towels in some warm water before you use them for the first time. If you leave your tea towels to soak for a little bit, the water will remove any remaining residue from the manufacturing process and maximise its absorbency.

When you place your new tea towels in warm water, make sure you do not mix colours with one another. Coloured tea towels can still release some of their colour if they are new, and you do not want the colour of your new tea towels to change upon their first soak.

Finally, it is recommended to leave your tea towels to dry naturally. While you could theoretically put them in the dryer, doing so on a regular basis can cause the fabric to get damaged much quicker. Instead, hang them on a clothesline or in a safe spot inside your home and leave them to dry. Once done, roll your towels to store them away to preserve the fabric's integrity.

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