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Wake up to the smell of delicious homemade bread when you invest in a bread maker from Spotlight! Simple to use, the bread maker can make delicious, white, brown, wholemeal and enriched breads and once you have tasted them you will never want to go back to buying shop-bought bread! Alternatively, you can make quick and tasty snacks for all the family in no time with a handy sandwich maker, or prepare delicious paninis and other hot rolls with your choice of fillings in the sandwich press or grill available in this range.

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How To Purchase The Best Bread Maker?

Since many people like to make their own bread without any added chemicals and preservatives, many households have a bread maker in their home nowadays. But how do you purchase a bread maker that is right for you and your family? We aim to answer that question with this detailed Spotlight buying guide.

How Much Does A Good Bread Maker Cost?

You may expect to pay a large amount of money for a good bread maker, but this is no longer accurate. Bread makers are in demand, so manufacturers ensure there is a suitable bread maker for everyone's budget. While the lower cost bread makers may have less features than the more expensive ones, it does not necessarily mean they are of lesser quality. It all depends on the features you want and the budget available to you.

What Are The Main Things I Must Consider When Choosing A Bread Maker?

When choosing a bread maker, you should always look at its overall size. The reason for that is quite simply because it needs to fit in your kitchen. So, there is no reason in buying one of the largest bread makers if you do not have the counter space for it. Therefore, decide on the maximum size of your new bread maker early on. Once you have decided on it, you can start looking at useful features.

What Additional Features Are Useful To Have For A Bread Maker?

Since bread makers are extremely popular, you will find that most bread makers come with a heap of features these days. But which are the features you should especially look out for? We disclose some of Spotlight's favourite features and the benefits they provide for your baked bread.

The kneading paddle: The kneading paddle has become a basic component in most bread makers. While you can expect this feature as a standard, remember that some kneading paddles are too large and can leave big holes in your bread. So, the kneading paddle is always a feature to examine carefully before you buy your bread maker.

A digital control panel: When you want to make baking bread a little easier, you simply need a bread maker with a decent control panel. Depending on the type of bread maker you have, you can find settings such as the size of the loaf, crust colour and other small details. If you want more control over the bread you bake, then a control panel with these additional settings can prove very useful.

Rapid bake feature: Some of the new bread makers allow you to cook a bread in minimal time. For example, if you like a fresh bread in the morning, the rapid bake feature could give you a fresh loaf in less than an hour. If you often find yourself in a rush, but love fresh bread, the rapid bake feature will become an essential feature for you.

Specialised baking features: Since there are different types of bread - such as wholemeal and white - you want to look for a bread maker that can master each of these. To achieve the best consistency and texture for different kinds of bread, you want to look for a bread maker with the advanced control panel we mentioned earlier. An advanced control panel provides you with more detailed baking options, instead of a one button bakes all.

Gluten-free settings: Not everyone can have gluten, so the opportunity to bake a gluten-free bread can be extremely useful. While you could technically bake a gluten-free bread inside a standard bread maker, you will find that bread makers with a special gluten-free function deliver a much better result.

Ability to manipulate other dough: The traditional bread maker was only used to bake bread, but nowadays manufacturers make their bread makers to handle other types of dough as well. For example, some of the more advanced bread makers give you the option to knead pasta or even roll-out dough for pastry.

While additional functions such as dough kneading options can be useful, remember that these additional options will add to the overall cost of your bread maker. If you only intend on using your bread maker for bread, then you can save some money by choosing a bread maker that does not contain these additional functions.

Buying Your Bread Maker At Spotlight

Spotlight provides a large range with household items, which includes some useful products for your kitchen. One of the household items we offer is the bread maker, ensuring you can always bake fresh bread at the touch of a button.

When you shop at Spotlight for your bread maker, you can always count on the best prices. Why not check out the collection of bread makers in our catalogue, which are all available for the sharpest prices in New Zealand?



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