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If you find that you have more appliances in your kitchen than you have wall sockets, you may wonder how you can make use of all your clever time-saving gadgets! With our range of adaptors, power boards and extension leads, you can solve that problem instantly. Choose from a number of different options to use multiple appliances safely in your home, by installing adaptors and power boards, and use your appliances exactly where you want, even if that is not near a wall socket, with our handy extension leads. Surge-protected and child-safe power boards are also included in the range.

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How To Maintain Your Kitchen Appliances?

While most kitchen appliances and their accompanying accessories are quite affordable these days, you still want to do everything you can to keep your appliances in the best condition possible. If you want to increase the lifespan of your kitchen appliances and their accessories, and avoid unnecessary repairs along the way, be sure to read on.

How Do I Maintain My Refrigerator?

Refrigerators can be expensive to replace, so we should have a thorough look on how to increase the lifespan of it. So, which maintenance tasks are most vital for a fridge?

One of the most important maintenance tasks for your fridge is to keep the condenser coils maintained. Over time, it is possible for the coils to accumulate dirt, debris, and even pet hairs. When this happens, your refrigerator can start to overheat. As a consequence, vital components such as the compressor can be put under unnecessary stress, making your fridge work a lot harder than it should.

To get to the condenser coils of your fridge, simply remove the back grill at the back of the fridge after you have unplugged it. Then, use a brush or a vacuum to remove any dust or debris.

Please note that the coils can be located on top of the refrigerator for some models. If you do find yourself in doubt in terms of maintenance, it is always better to contact a professional.

How Do I Maintain My Dishwasher?

Dishwashers go through a lot of punishment. They can encounter left over foods and grease, and these may get stuck inside your dishwasher. Since the last thing you want to do is wash your plates, cutlery and glasses in a dirty machine, it is important to keep your dishwasher well-maintained.

Most dishwashers can also encounter a calcium build-up, which in turn can start clogging the sprayers and make your dishwasher less efficient overall. To counter this problem, you should use a dedicated dishwasher cleaner at least every three months. Not only will this remove the calcium residue, it can also clean up grease remaining in your machine.

Be sure to check the food catcher at the bottom of your dishwasher daily. If any food residue remains on your plates when you place them in the dishwasher, they usually get caught there. However, if this gets too full, it could lead to the water not draining. Keeping this catcher free and clear is therefore recommended.

How Do I Maintain My Microwave?

Food particles can get stuck in all corners of your microwave, so regular cleaning is certainly recommended. When the food particles aren't removed daily, there is a danger of cross-contamination and the remaining food particles can become a lot more difficult to remove.

There are various ways to remove difficult stains from the inside of your microwave. A combination of water and vinegar proves more effective. You can also use your favourite glass cleaner to clean out your microwave.

If you use stronger products to clean a microwave, make sure that they do not cause damage to your microwave's materials and finishes. It may also be necessary to rinse thoroughly.

How Do I Maintain My Oven?

Contrary to popular belief, you should never use tin foil to catch grease spills and at the bottom of your oven. In fact, doing this could cause damage to the heating elements inside your oven. Instead, it is better to remove any spills on the same day by normal cleaning methods. You should also clean the doors of your oven with a good glass cleaner, this to remove any grease or food residue that could permanently stain the glass.

Kitchen Appliance Accessories And Cleaning Tools At Spotlight?

While you may find yourself in our kitchen appliance accessories to find some ways to keep your appliances newer for longer, you can also head over to our cleaning section to find the appropriate tools and products to keep your appliances well-maintained.

At Spotlight, we offer kitchen accessories and accompanying appliance cleaning tools and products at the most affordable prices possible. If you want to save big on kitchen appliance maintenance, but do not want to compromise on quality, be sure to check out the catalogue.



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