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No kitchen should be without a food processor or mixer. Indispensable when preparing meals for the family, or while baking cakes and other delicacies, these items are suitable for all types of cooks from beginners to experts. At Spotlight, you can choose from versatile food processors with different attachments and bowls, as well as from handy hand-held mixers ideal for baking, and ingenious stick mixers that will make light work of liquidising soups and sauces. The range also includes a professional meat slicer, great for roast dinners and beautifully presented cold meats on buffets.

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Spotlight's Food Processor Buying Guide

The food processor has become a permanent fixture in many households. With many people chasing a healthier lifestyle, food processor manufacturers have done golden deals. If you do not own a food processor just yet, then you can benefit from the food processor buying guide at Spotlight. By reading through our guide, you can make sure you have the best food processor for your needs.

What Capacity Do I Need For My Food Processor?

One of the many things to consider before you purchase a food processor is its capacity. Most food processors have a capacity of two litres, which is sufficient for most households. However, larger households may need to look to a food mixer instead, which can handle up to five litres.

What Are The Features I Can Expect With Food Processors?

Food processor manufacturers will create their products with lots of additional features, but what are the most important features to be looking for? Even though there are tons of features that might be interesting, you need to be looking at the actual food preparation techniques the food processor provides. Here are some of the most basic and most versatile to keep an eye out for.

Chopping - This is the most basic functionality of the food processor and should always be present. The chopping feature will roughly chop your vegetables and reduce your cooking time tremendously.

Dough kneading - While most food processors have features such as chopping, slicing and blending, dough kneading is one feature not all food processors will provide. In fact, the dough kneading feature can put the value of the food processor up considerably. So, if you love to bake, this is a feature that cannot be missing from this list.

Blending - If you like making the occasional smoothie or healthy breakfast drink, you need a food processor with the blending option. However, if you already have a blender at home, this feature becomes less important. That being said, being able to do different things with one food processor certainly makes it more functional.

Grating - The grating feature is a much sought-after feature for most homeowners, especially those who hate the manual grater. There are many things that may require grating these days, this can go from cheese to vegetables.

Whipping - Once again, this particular feature is mainly interesting for bakers. If you aren't a baker, then the whipping feature or dough kneading feature is not that important for your food processor. But if you are, then you need these features to make your food processor as functional as it can be.

What Accessories Should My Food Processor Have?

When your food processor can handle functionalities such as grating and whipping, it is evident that your food processor will have certain accessories. That being said, not all manufacturers will include these optional accessories with the food processor, even though the food processor is advertised to have these features. So, if you are about to purchase a food processor for its specific features, be sure to check if the accessories are included in your original purchase.

What Are The Settings My Food Processor Should Have?

Once again, this is a subjective question. It depends on the type of food prep actions you purchase a food processor for. There are three settings most food processors will have, this includes the on, off, and the pulse setting.

In addition to the three basic settings, you will find that some food processors provide more. Among the most common additional features are various speed settings, which can influence the consistency and the texture of ingredients that go into the food processor.

Should I Really Get A Food Processor?

Food processors are brilliant because they combine the functions of other common household devices in one easy appliance. If you have a blender, juicer, or a mixer inside your home - and you want to save some room on your kitchen surface - then you could certainly benefit from purchasing a food processor.

Please note, your new food processor will last a lot longer if you clean it immediately after use. Simply add some hot water and let the processor run on the lowers setting until food residue gets dislodged.



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