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Prepare delicious meals in your kitchen even if you do not have an oven or cooker, with the clever electric appliances available here at Spotlight. Ideal for homes that do not have gas, or simply to use when you want to prepare a one pot meal or a quick snack. Choose from electric frypans with clear glass lids that will help you prepare lovely roasts, stews and pasta or rice dishes, or treat yourself to a small table top electric deep fat fryer and make delicious chips and snacks for all the family in no time.

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Get The Most From your Fry Pans With These Handy Tips

At Spotlight, you can find an amazing collection of fry pans that will be a lovely addition to your kitchen. But how do you choose the best options for your needs? And how do you extend the lifespan of the frying pans you purchase? Read through our detailed guide below to learn more.

What Material Is Best For A Frying Pan?

There are a few materials that can be used for frying pans. Below, we have provided a small overview of the various materials and their benefits.

Non-stick materials - Non-stick frying pans have become one of the most popular options out there. But what are the exact benefits of non-stick options. In short, non-stick frying pans require little maintenance after cooking, as the non-stick layer ensures nothing really sticks to the pan. It is suitable for simple cooking recipes such as eggs, but you could also use it for fish and other recipes.

Stainless steel - Stainless steel pots and pans have lots of benefits, but one of their main properties is their durability. Stainless steel frying pans can stand the test of time and they are non-reactive to boot, this means you can pretty much cook anything in them.

When you purchase stainless steel pots and pans, it is always a good idea to check the weight. High-quality stainless-steel pots and pans will be heavier, this because they have better conduction to ensure even heating.

Even though stainless steel is a little different from non-stick materials, they are relatively easy to maintain as well. If you use them correctly, then stainless steel will be cleaned in no time at all.

Cast iron - While the previous pot and pan materials are quite versatile, cast iron should only really be used for searing. The benefit of cast iron is that it can convey heat like no other material, keeping foods warmer for longer. Therefore, cast iron is perfect for meats such as steak.

When you choose a cast iron pot or pan, you do need to take into consideration some vital factors, this includes if the pan has enamel or if it has been "seasoned". Some cast iron pots and pans are also equipped with a non-stick layer, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

What Properties Should I Look Out For?

When you choose a frying pan, there are specific properties that could be important for your style of cooking. Important properties include heat conduction, scratch resistance, rust and corrosion resistance, and dishwasher safeness.

What Is The Difference Between Riveted and Rivetless Frying Pans?

One of the things you may come across during the selection process is the riveted and rivetless frying pans. Evidently, these have their own properties.

Riveted pans - These tend to be the sturdiest options, as they are permanently fixed to the frying pan. In short, it means you do not have to tighten them at any point. However, the rivets do require some careful maintenance, as food residue can easily pile up around these rivets.

Rivetless pans - Rivetless pans can be easier to maintain, as they do not have the rivets that can attract food residue. Cooking can be easier too, as the rivets do not get in the way. Of course, the handles of these pans might need tightening from time to time, making them less durable than the riveted versions.

Which Handles Are Best For Frying Pans?

When you have a collection of frying pans in your home already, you may have noticed some different types of handles. Naturally, some can be more comfortable to hold than others, but the real key is finding a material that does not conduct the heat to the handles. Your handles should remain cool, so look for hollow metal or stainless steel for less head conduction to the handles.

Frying pans At Spotlight

When you need affordable yet high-quality frying pans, you can always count on Spotlight. Spotlight provides an extensive collection of frying pans, made from high-quality materials. Naturally, we also offer these frying pans for the best price possible, so you can enjoy premium quality for less money.



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