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The Essential Accessories You Need For Baking And Food Preparation

When you love cooking and baking, there are some accessories you absolutely need in your collection. So, which cooking and baking accessories do you need? Let's take a look at the cooking and baking accessories that could make your kitchen a lot more efficient.

Which Baking Accessories Do I Need To Add To My Kitchen?

Anyone who bakes on a regular basis needs some tools that can help with measuring ingredients, manipulating dough and other essentials. Here are some of the essentials you could consider for your kitchen.

Measuring cups: Many recipes mentioned quantities such as a cup and half a cup but getting that exact amount can be tricky. If you want to save yourself some time and hassle on conversations, you need some measuring cups in your kitchen.

A wooden spoon: When you are working with though, metal spoons can be rather difficult to manoeuvre. For these baking recipes, you need a wooden spoon. Wooden spoons are sturdier and easier to manoeuvre in thicker doughs.

A Spatula: To ensure you get all the last bits of a mix, you need a spatula made of rubber. While you might think you won't use one regularly, a spatula can save you heaps in clean-up and could make your recipes more accurate.

A pastry brush: There are many instances where you might need a pastry brush. You could use it to crease a cake tin before you add the dough, but also to add icing to your baked goodies. In fact, the pastry brush will become a staple for any baker.

Whisk: Even if you have a mixer in your home, a whisk can be more beneficial for the more delicate baking recipes. A whisk is also faster to clean, so if you want to avoid having to clean your mixer on a daily basis while baking, a whisk should certainly be in your personal collection.

Plastic rolling pin: Whether you are baking cookies or a pizza, there are plenty of applications for a good rolling pin. You could choose a wooden option, but plastic rolling pins tend to have their advantages as well. It all depends on what you prefer for yourself.

Cookie cutters: Even if you are brilliant at cutting cookies into shape yourself, a selection of cookie cutters from Spotlight can save you heaps of time. In addition to that, cookie cutters can provide you with some intricate cookie shapes that are more difficult to do by hand.

Which Food Preparation Accessories Do I Need to Add To My Kitchen?

When it comes to food prep, your tools and accessories can make a serious difference in how your recipe turns out. So, let's take a look at the essentials for food preparation and their overall importance for your kitchen.

A good chef's knife: While you may have a selection of cutting knives already, a chef's knife is essential for food preparation. Whether you need to slice or chop ingredients such as onions, a chef's knife is an all-round

Cutting boards: To avoid cross-contamination, it can be beneficial to have dedicated cutting boards for fish, meat, and vegetables. To ensure you have the right one every time, you can even get different colours so you can easily keep track.

Colander: When you have to drain ingredients such as pasta or boiled potatoes, it can be useful to have a colander around. You can also use a colander to wash fresh vegetables before you serve them.

Mixing bowls: Mixing bowls come in handy for all sorts of food preparations. You can prepare sauces, but also do basting and marinating. Ideally, you want a selection of mixing bowls in different sizes to accommodate for various ingredients.

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Spotlight has a large range of kitchen accessories that you will find useful. We are especially proud of our collection of cookie cutters, which we deliver in the most unusual shapes and themes. So, if you are baker that is looking to add more unusual cookie cutters to their collection, you will have no problems finding some original options in the extensive kitchen accessories catalogue at Spotlight.



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