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Get More From Your Chopping Boards With Our Useful Guide

A chopping board is a useful part of your kitchen kit. At Spotlight, you can choose from a large variety of chopping boards made from various materials; this includes wood, inox, as well as plastic. If you want to get the most from your chopping boards, be sure to read on.

Why Do Some People Have Colour-Coded Chopping Boards?

People who need to do a lot of food prep tend to have multiple chopping boards. Of course, cutting certain ingredients can leave certain residues, so colour-coding your chopping boards ensures you do not get cross contamination.

Colour-coding your chopping boards is relatively easy. White chopping boards are commonly used for dairy and yellow for cooked meat. Red meat obviously belongs with a red chopping board while fish should go on a blue one. Of course, you can create your own colour code for your chopping boards.

Why Is The Maintenance Of Chopping Boards Important?

Maintaining your chopping boards is important to increase the lifespan of your chopping board, but it is also important for contamination prevention. For example, traces of gluten on a chopping board could cause some serious problems for someone with coeliac disease. There could also be some serious consequences when traces of nuts remain on the chopping board, upon which food will be prepared for someone with nut allergies.

To avoid problems with cross contamination, it can be a good idea to have a chopping board for food preparation of someone with coeliac disease or a nut allergy. If you do not use a separate chopping board, replace it immediately when it becomes worn.

What Are Some Common Materials Used For Chopping Boards?

As we briefly mentioned already, chopping boards can be made from various materials. To help you decide on which chopping board to obtain, we have listed the popular materials below.

Plastic – This is the most affordable chopping board material. Plastic chopping boards can usually be divided into low-density polyethylene and high-density polyethylene version. High density polyethylene chopping boards are the most durable and are commonly used in commercial kitchens. Low density polyethylene is less durable, but more affordable.

Wood – Most people prefer wood chopping boards because of their looks, but they have a bunch of benefits. One of the main benefits of a wooden chopping board is that they are quite resistant to bacteria. If you are worried about contamination, a wooden chopping board will be recommended.

Wooden chopping boards tend to be better for your cutting knives as well. Contrary to plastic, wood is a natural material that does not damage your blades. The oil will also protect the entire board against moisture, one of the main causes of damage to wooden chopping boards.

With wooden chopping boards, it is important to replace them when you notice visible cracks. When cracks and deep scratches occur, bacteria can enter the chopping board and contaminate the food even after washing it. Also, never submerge a wooden chopping board in water, as this could cause the wood to warp and subsequently cause cracks.

How Can I Prevent Damage To Wooden Chopping Boards?

Wooden chopping boards can have a lengthy lifespan if you are looking after them properly. One of the ways to protect a wooden chopping board is by seasoning it.

Seasoning a chopping board envelops treating it with a special oil. Please note, you should only use mineral oil to season wooden chopping boards; this because vegetable oils can turn bad and therefore negatively influence the seasoning process.

Once you have added the mineral oil to the wooden chopping board, be sure to wipe off any remaining mineral oil on the board. Simply use a little bit of paper towel.

The seasoning process is done for numerous reasons. As mentioned earlier, it will increase the lifespan of the wooden chopping board. In addition to that, it can seal any cracks, preventing the problem from getting worse.

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